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  1. We also love Gloria! Our wedding is November 15th at the Excellence Resort Cancun! We are so excited and have all of our decorations and welcome bags ready to go!
  2. Thank goodness for this thread! I love the way the fake eyelashes look, and when I have somewhere to go I usually buy them at a drug store and put them on myself, and I end up frustrated and at the end of the night the lashes are falling off. So since everyone on here seems to recommend MAC I will look into that brand for lashes! Maybe the stylist at the hotel can put them on for me too. Shelley
  3. I am also looking to wear fake eyelashes on my wedding day. What brand or type of lashes did you buy? Did you put them on or did the make up artist at the hotel put them on? Thanks, Shelley
  4. We too are working with Gloria, and she is awsome!!! We don't have any complaints about her, she answers all of our emails, and sends us the info we are looking for and need. Good luck its so exciting!!!!! Shelley
  5. Thank you for the advice stella!!! Although, I couldn't download the pictures you attached I am sure they are beautiful!!! Did you and your bridal party go to the spa for massages? I am planning on booking an appt for their wonderful hydrotherapy and massage for the day after the wedding! -Shelley and Eric
  6. Wow!!! Thank you, I've been trying to look for other photos such as the ones you've pictured above, for some inspiration! Thank you again!!!
  7. I love this look as well, I especially like the brooch, where would I find this for my bouquet?
  8. My fiance and I are getting married November 15th, 2013 at Excellence Cancun!!! We can't wait!!! I have some questions about the hair salon and make up for the day before and of the wedding. I wanted to know if anyone had advice or if I should bring a picture for the hair stylists there. I wonder if its going to be difficult to request certain hair styles. Hmm...Any advice?
  9. Hi everyone! We are getting married at Excellence Riviera Cancun on November 15th! Our photographer has been booked, Lori at Sweetfire, and we've booked Mannia as our DJ. Passport invites have been ordered from Allurements by Rebecca and are being printed this week. We're getting there! Can't wait for the big day! Where's everyone going for their honeymoon? Are you staying at the resort you're being married at or going off to somewhere different after the guests leave?
  10. Thanks for the vendor suggestions. We decided to work with Allurements by Rebecca. She has been very quick and professional and we would highly recommend her for anyone looking for great looking passport invites. We just approved the final versions and they should be printed and sent to us within a week or so. We'll post photos of them once they arrive! We gave out our Save-the-Date's in October of 2012, and are mailing out our invites as soon as we get them, so everyone will have them by mid April with a July 15th RSVP. We figured that's enough time since our wedding is on November 15th. Hopefully everyone will be prompt and get right on booking, so we don't have any room deposit headaches, but judging from what everyone's saying, maybe we should expect a bit of last minute bookers.
  11. We're on the 15th, sounds like November is getting pretty booked up.
  12. We put these cute mini gifts and plastic diamonds on the tables at the party. My mom found these at Pier 1.
  13. What type of engagement party setting are you planning on having or already had? We chose the Pearl Room which is in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. A native from Bay Ridge and with a ton of wonderful and tasty restaurants to choose from, we decided to go with Pearl Room, a high end top quality food friendly atmosphere. My mother and my FI's mother catered this event for us. Although, we did all the setting up and decorating and favor making, but hey, that's the BEST part! I wanted a beachy theme. We went to Michael's and looked around for ideas. I love mason jars and the different creative ideas you can do with them and bumped into the cutest smallest jars that have latched lid. They came in a box of about 30. We looked for sand and sea shells and found them right there in Michael's. I then thought, ok we have the STD's which were a flat card front and back. So we found wooden sticks and we would cut them to fit perfectly on the side of the jars. So now that I had the jars figured out, the sand, the wooden sticks, oh and the string I had regular rope string that I used its beige and created an even more beach feel to the jars. We also decided on buying mini bottles of Yellowtale (or whatever your preference) wine. We bought tule in two different colors, one aqua blue (beachy), and one white. I cute pieces of the tule to fit around the mini bottles of wine and wrapped a ribbon (any color you want but chose white) to hold the tule around the bottle of wine. We put the bottles of wine on everyones table in front of their plates. The STD's were placed on a requested table that was in the front of the party room where the gifts and envelopes were set. As people left, I had my mom and mother in law give out the bottles of wine and made sure everyone had their STD! Here are some pictures, hope this idea was helpful and let you explore your own ideas and creativeness. Our Banner that we put up at the party. We made this banner at Staples! Who knew?! lol
  14. I was just watching something on the news about Yoga for dogs! A little off topic but a chance to get in tuned with yourself and doggie. What a great way to get together with your friends and their pooches and learn ways to help your dogs as well as yourself. In the New York area here is a facebook page with info on where there is yoga for dogs in the NYC area: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DOGA-in-NYC-YOGA-with-your-Dog/117885071622631 Great Article to gain info on Yoga for Dogs: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/09/fashion/09fitness.html?_r=0 What an amazingly creative and great way to help your dogs and yourself. If you are a dog lover like us, you'll love this type of class with your dog. Can't wait to get my friends together and try this out! If anyone would like to get together and try this out please let me know! I would love to create a day out with my BDW friends
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