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  1. I am staying at PPC but getting married at the Jellyfish, April 2014
  2. I am budgeting everything for 30 people +trip to be 12k
  3. I am quite bothered by the $1000.00 vendor fee especially since I am only getting ready at the resort and my wedding is at the Jellyfish
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Madso Hey ladies, Did anyone who stood or is planning to stay at the paradisus Palma real have issues receiving group rates. I was waiting on the room block contract and suddenly Cecilia hits me with "we changed policies and the romance department is no longer able to give group rates to offsite weddings".... I am staying at the paradisus punta cana....they made a mistake in giving me the romance packages and deals in July. After that, my TA found out that they had new rules about group rates.
  5. 12 days - 1 bag way to go This is a big deal for me! Pretty Well okay - I have a little confession! Those are just my clothes - no shoes or toiletries (but still a big deal for me!)  There are four of us going... we decided that since the airline charges for every checked bag - we would all do carry ons and split one checked bag... there is no other way to get shoes and toiletries specially with my step mom she usually has a bag that size just for toiletries (I have noo idea what she brings!)  My FI fit everything he is bringing into a large backpack Ugh! How do they do that?!?!  He bought a new pair of shoes that look like his nice shoes he usually wears but they are actually sneakers so he only has the one pair of shoes that is he wearing.  On the other hand - I get to use his space in the checked bag YAY! Creative! Me likey! So exciting
  6. We also have 100,000+ in points on our amex. We are saving that to use for another trip next year. I use it as an excuse lol
  7. Yep! I love amex. It is my only credit card. Don't need anything else except my debit card
  8. All of my vista print pot bags have arrived! Now I need to focus in my dress, accessories, bms bags and paying for the wedding. Today FI said do you know what a budget is. Y'all know what that means.... Amex bill came :eek:
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