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  1. Hi All, I have sold all of the ones I hope to! I purchased the flowers from Bitter Sweet Wedding Designs - Home and put them together myself. She was great to deal with, and if she still sells them, I would highly recommend her. FYI, these were fleuramatique, and not real touch. I saw both and like the fleuramatique much more!
  2. These are still available. I won't sell the bridal bouquet just by itself, but would sell the BM bouquets by themselves
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Holly22 Are these still available? Yes they are still available, just PM'd you
  4. I am sure you are having an amazing day today Tracy!!! Looking forward to seeing pictures
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by caribbeanLover I love it!! so funny!! I wanted to do this, roughly how much did it come up to? and how many times did you have to meet up with the teacher? Oh this was so much fun, and people still talk about it months later! We had 3 lessons, and thought we got a terrific deal, I know the normal price is about $500 for 3 lessons, video practice tapes etc. Worth every penny (and we saved everywhere we could, and this was 100% worth it!)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy_S That is such great news! I was starting to freak out that I needed to be doing more here in Canada before we actually left, and anyone I have contacted about this hasn't got back to me on it! So that works great! I am having a hard time right now trying to figure out what my dad should be wearing?? He has been asking me, but I have no idea what he should wear! Doesn't help that my fiance hasn't even picked what him and the GM are going to wear yet.. but any advice? Do you guys have pics of what your dad's wore?? I don't think he needs to match the boys, but I would like to tell him something he can wear... he's a rookie traveller too so all this seems to stress him out a bit... eek and my fiance has already told me he's not being fancy with a suit or anything so my dad shouldn't either! Any advice girls Help!! lol Tracy, I can't help with the marriage certificate stuff, since we took the easy way and made it legal before hand... plus i didn't change my name to make it even easier! But my dad wore khakis, sandals (I bought them for him so they would not be too strappy or ugly!), an off white shirt with some white palms embroidered on it (it was totally him)... and then he showed up to my room with a hat on, and asked if I wanted him to wear the hat or not... I hadn't thought of putting a hat on him, but he looked great, and it was him. He isn't a fancy person, and everyone LOVED what he wore....
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by pinklady2510 Hi everyone we are getting married 2010 and we are very interested in the seaside suites, the problem is we cant find any wedding pics from this hotel does anyone have some they are willing to share or maybe a link to a web page that has them? Thanks My photographers still have some pics of my wedding on their site... MEXICO Destination Wedding Photography, Wedding Photojournalism throughout the Mayan Riviera just click on galleries, and there is one for EDSS on it which is mine. I have lots of pics i can share too, just PM me your email and I will send you some. Honestly it is a STUNNING place for a wedding!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy_S First of all I have to say... today is my 3 month MARK!!! AWWW!!! So exciting!!! Second I would like to ask where all my girls go?? Haven't heard from you ladies in a while! Question... what did you guys carry your rings in at the ceremony before you exchanged them? Did you have ring bearers? If not any suggestions would be helpful at this point.. trying to come up with maybe a shell that closes with sand in it to hold the rings? What do you guys think No ring bearer since there are no kids allowed :-) Our Best Man had the rings in a box in his back pocket. One of my fav. pics is of this! No one would have noticed if it was in something special... worked for us! Congrats, 3 months will fly by!
  9. Tracey, I went knowing that they likely would throw in the chair covers and gold bows for free... i never asked about it, never talked about wanting it, and voila they were still there on the wedding day. Only thing is that i was prepared to be ok with the uncovered chairs if that was what was to happen. So if you could not tolerate uncovered chairs, you should probably just pay, but from the sounds of it they automatically put the covers on for everyone. Worked out for me!
  10. Hey Tracey, We also rented the ipod speakers and they were AMAZING! So loud and perfect. Worth the money, even though I didn't think so beforehand. WE paid extra to keep our reception going later. Arrange this when you are down there, they will cut you a MUCH better deal than the Lomas reps will. I think we paid $3/pp/hour. If you are doing the private reception, you will have way more staff helping you than you can imagine. Plan to tip, plan to tip alot. Figure you have at least 20staff helping you... so What is the minimum you would want each of them to have. I wasn't expecting this and we were at the end of our trip, and i felt like I didn't give them what they deserved because I didn't have any more cash!!! The onsite staff are so terrific, you can't even comprehend how terrific until you get there. Oh and I had my makeup done there and it was done well... I changed a few things afterwards, but she did a good job. I would prob. just do it myself if i had been more organized.
  11. I didn't know there would be water bottles, didn't ask and didn't pay for them.... But they were there in a pretty basket for all our guests! The ladies at the resort are amazing, do not work out those details before you get there, they will probably just do the little extras for free! Don't pay to have your guests put anything out, we didn't! Seriously, don't commit to paying for anything other than the bare essentials before you get there, you will regret it!
  12. Time will fly!!! We did the dinner on the beach, but I have to say, we wish we had skipped it. We had the coldest night, and it took 3 hours just to get our starter and main... So I was shivering and we left by dessert. We also didn't get a chance to try all the restaurants and would gave rather just gone to one.., mostly we wanted to see our friends which was weird! I would go for the early sitting rather than the late one so that it is not midnight when you finish! I don't remember what we ate, but the food was really good and the servers were so nice.... Sorry, can't be of much help other than to say give yourself lots if time!!!
  13. I used MTM for my wedding at El Dorado Seaside, and they were AMAZING!
  14. I love that WTOO Dress, if they had that when i was looking I would have gone for it 100%. My dress was quite similar Moonlight Tango Destinations Wedding Dresses - Style I-242 [i242] - $370.00 : Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, and Designer Wedding Dresses and i LOVED it, something about a v-neck, rouching, and an embellishment to make a dress gorgeous! If you try on the WTOO try to sneak some pics!
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