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  1. This was my dress - is was more of a champagne colour with lace and beading - I realized after the fact that its kind of hard to see because the pics are small, but maybe it will give another bride some ideas for her dress!
  2. WATERPROOF POUCHES are SOLD Only 20 Black Lanyards still available.
  3. FANS are SOLD STARFISH are SOLD 25 waterproof pouches are SOLD - 22 pouches still available.
  4. Just for everyone's info - I will post a reply on here as soon as something is sold/no longer available. Also, if you are seriously interested in any of the items, please send me a PM - easier to keep everything organized! THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  5. Everything is still available, including the fans - no one who is interested has responded to my messages to confirm that they want the items so as far as I'm concerned the items will remain available to anyone who is actually willing to pay and confirm with me. Send me a PM with what you are interested in. Thanks!
  6. I've attached some pics of some of the items here - it won't let me edit the listing for some reason.
  7. Forgot to list these on my other posting: 21 Cool Jel individuals packs - 1/8 oz or 3.5g (great for OOT bags) - topical cooling gel for burns etc. $2 for all
  8. oops sorry, the starfish are an off-white colour - not sure if tha is what you mean by sugar.
  9. Jenna: Roughly, the sizes of the largest fan is 12"x12" and the smallest is 8"x8" - all the fans are within that size range (although the majority are 10x10 to 12x12). Small starfish are 3-5" and the Large starfish are around 8". Hope this helps!
  10. Well, it's been over a year of storing all of these extras and my husband has decided there doesn't need to be an entire closet dedicated to left over wedding stuff anymore! The following is stuff that I have available with prices (in CAD although it is basically the same as USD). I haven't included pictures but if you want pictures of anything just let me know and I will send them to you! 150 - individual sets of earplugs - $0.15 each or all for $15 32 - wrist coils with whistle - $0.25 each (4 purple, 4 pink, 6 turquoise, 6 red, 6 yellow, 6 bright green) 20 - black lanyards (thi
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