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  1. we will be making our message in a bottle invites next week and the coconut oil is a great idea, i hadnt thought of that. thankyou!!
  2. i think 2 and 4 - but it depends on where you put it. 2 is def a round sticker label, good for tags etc, and 4 is more rectangle, good for water bottles or lip gloss as a bride i think you get picky about little things, as you look at so much, but everyone will find them gorgeous no matter what
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    Hi everyone I am a newbie!! We are having our beach wedding in Fiji in August. I am loving all the ideas here!! xx
  4. we are putting a pair of flip flops for each guest as we are getting married on the beach. We were thinking of having a basket at the ceremony, with each guests name tag attached to their pair, for them to change into for the ceremony
  5. can anyone explain what sea glass is please???
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