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  1. I originally made the design in a program called GIMP, but I couldnt get it to print correctly from it. So I remade it in MS Word, but cannot find the file. It was a very frustrating printing process, so I guess I was so relieved when they were done that I saved it as some random name. I will try to find it. But, if there's a chance that you have the GIMP program (its free to download), I can email it to you
  2. I used Microsoft Word to make the design, then printed with my inkjet printer. I created the design to the size of the tag, but printed to the size of a borderless 4x6 photo to get it to cover the whole tag. The tag does look sparkly, but I think its just the cardstock. It took FOREVER to get it to print correctly from my printer, lots of trial and error. I literally went through 3 packs of tags before getting it right, and some still didn't print correctly because the cardstock is so thick.
  3. Thanks I ordered the bags online from Jones Tshirts ( http://www.jonestshirts.com/product/7002 ). They were about 4.00/ea. I almost kicked myself when I saw a similar bag at a Dollar Tree store. But, it was ivory/yellow, smaller and didn't feel as durable as the totes I purchased.
  4. Officially and originally, the color were hot pink and yellow. But after finding that paper, its all out of the window...lol.
  5. Hi I made them myself. I printed on cardstock tags (large size) from Michaels. The plastic containers are also from michaels, they are photo boxes. And no, the lollipops didn't melt. I delivered my packages either by hand (if they were in town) or next day air (expensive, but I only have a little over a dozen guests). Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I worked so hard on this wedding and it warms my heart to know that my time was well spent. Also, I have other threads where I posted my OOT bags, flowers and engagement pics. Thanks again!!
  6. My sister is a photography student so she took our photos for us, I edited them. And Ta-Da! Free Engagement photos! Here are a few...
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