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  1. I originally made the design in a program called GIMP, but I couldnt get it to print correctly from it. So I remade it in MS Word, but cannot find the file. It was a very frustrating printing process, so I guess I was so relieved when they were done that I saved it as some random name. I will try to find it. But, if there's a chance that you have the GIMP program (its free to download), I can email it to you
  2. awwww! Your words mean so much to me. Thank you! And congrats on finding your "happily ever after".
  3. The cardstock tags are white and already cut to size. The design printed only the pink areas.
  4. Sorry, my clipboard messed up. Here's the link: http://www.fonts2u.com/arms.font
  5. I downloaded it so long ago that I had to search for it again, lol. Here it is (Arms)
  6. Thanks! I ordered them from Oriental Trading. Here's the link (Silver Starfish)
  7. I used Microsoft Word to make the design, then printed with my inkjet printer. I created the design to the size of the tag, but printed to the size of a borderless 4x6 photo to get it to cover the whole tag. The tag does look sparkly, but I think its just the cardstock. It took FOREVER to get it to print correctly from my printer, lots of trial and error. I literally went through 3 packs of tags before getting it right, and some still didn't print correctly because the cardstock is so thick.
  8. Thanks I ordered the bags online from Jones Tshirts ( http://www.jonestshirts.com/product/7002 ). They were about 4.00/ea. I almost kicked myself when I saw a similar bag at a Dollar Tree store. But, it was ivory/yellow, smaller and didn't feel as durable as the totes I purchased.
  9. Officially and originally, the color were hot pink and yellow. But after finding that paper, its all out of the window...lol.
  10. Oh I forgot! The grommets were also from Michaels, and they were very easy to do.
  11. Hi I made them myself. I printed on cardstock tags (large size) from Michaels. The plastic containers are also from michaels, they are photo boxes. And no, the lollipops didn't melt. I delivered my packages either by hand (if they were in town) or next day air (expensive, but I only have a little over a dozen guests). Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I worked so hard on this wedding and it warms my heart to know that my time was well spent. Also, I have other threads where I posted my OOT bags, flowers and engagement pics. Thanks again!!
  12. My sister is a photography student so she took our photos for us, I edited them. And Ta-Da! Free Engagement photos! Here are a few...