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    DJ: Mannia Cancun review

    Hey Everyone, I had DJ Carlos Milan from DJ Mannia at my wedding. He did a wonderful job. These guys are punctual, reliable, and professional! So if you cant get Carlos Martinez (who is excellent!), dont worry because he will send you someone who is just as great! I have spoken to Cralos Martinez several times on the phone and he was super sweet! Best of all he replies to emails at lightning speed which is just awesome. This company comes highly recommended by me! PM.Wedding Riviera Maya Wedding June 15th, 2009 Bracelo Maya Palace
  2. Hey Ladies! My wedding is June 15th in Riviera Maya. Although I am also concerned about the swine flu, we just can not panic. My travel agent just came back from CanCun where she and 25 other agents traveled up and down the coast for business meeting with locals. They stayed in numerous resorts, and they are all healthy and fine. Although there is reason for concern, please keep in mind that the media blows things way out of proportion. If you want to feel a little better read the following links: Stayin' Alive: Flu Schmlu The Reluctant Paladin I hope that the brides coming back from Mexico will give us some insight on how everything went, and Im sure they are all having beautiful enjoyable vacations while all of us at home are freaking out.
  3. Hey girls. Im am here crying with all of you. We all plan to make our day wonderful and most of it is for our guests to enjoy their time. When something like this happens its just heartbreaking. We are leaving June 11th, so please keep me posted on how your trip will go.! Any info will help!
  4. Hi Gino and Heather, My wedding is also in Mexico, Riviera Maya. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank you for all of the unique ideas. Its hard to choose from so many great ideas. My wedding is in Riviera Maya. I was original thinking of doing pearl napkin holders, which also turn into bracelets for the girls, and cigars for the guys. My only reservation is that it is not personalized. Still cant decide, but this blog helps a lot. Thanks ladies!
  6. Hi everyone! Can anyone help with a unique idea for wedding favors?
  7. PM.Wedding

    Post your centerpieces here

    PV Bride Those center pieces are beautiful. Where did you find them?
  8. PM.Wedding

    DJ: Mannia Cancun review

    Thanks to everyone for answering my question!!!
  9. PM.Wedding

    DJ: Mannia Cancun review

    Hi everyone, I just booked Carlos after such good reviews. Just wanted to ask if you signed a contract with him and then wired 50% of the total prior to the wedding. I just want to make sure that I got the right guy and that it is safe to do this. Thanks!
  10. PM.Wedding

    Barcelo Maya Palace

    Hello everyone, My name is Milana. This seems like a great place to share information. My fiance and I are getting married at Barcelo Maya Palace on June 15 2009. I am really excited. I just booked Carlos Martinez as a DJ for the wedding. Sound like a lot of brides have been very happy with him. While planning a destination wedding is fun, it is also stressful not to be able to see and touch everything in person. Thankfully we have such forums to share experiences and help each other out. Milana