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  1. I'm arriving on the 13th. Our OOT bags are almost done. I keep adding things, and it's driving Bryan nuts. I was trying to find some kind of zippered bags or first aid boxes, but couldn't find anything that I liked, so I'm in the process of sewing 14 first aid zippered pouches. I got fed up with not being able to find exactly what I wanted, so I just decided to make it. Our programs WERE finished, but my wicked stepmother just decided that she didn't want my dad to go alone, so now we have to re-do all of them to include her (I thought about just leaving her out, but I just don't want the drama). Now I just need to get my bridesmaid & flower girl gifts, MOB gift, garter, cake topper, cake knife, finish the aisle decorations, re-do the programs, write my vows, decide on hair & makeup, and work on the day-of itinerary. The wicked stepmother really threw a wrench in things. I was so excited about having those programs done :-( I'm losing weight....verrrrrrry sloooooowly. But at least it's coming off. I'm finally fitting in pants that I haven't worn since before I met Bryan, so that's a plus. However, I still have that lovely back fat from the torturous bra/girdle thing....and I purposely refused to have my gown let out to motivate me, so I have at least 10 pounds to go before that disappears. Alicia- the 30 day shred kicked my butt!! that's a serious workout!! Just be careful- she doesn't give you a lot of modifications, and it's easy to get injured (my trainer hates that DVD because of that, so I feel it's my obligation warn anyone who is about to do it).
  2. Hi Kristina!! We're coming up soon! 3 months to go! Are you stressed yet? I know I'm freaking out :-). I'm still undecided on getting my hair done. I'm not doing an updo, so between my mom and bridesmaids and I, we'll probably be able to manage. I'm going to see my stylist in February and taking my veil and basically telling her "show me what to do." As far as makeup, I'm doing it myself. I don't wear a lot of makeup and every time I've had it done professionally, I feel really weird- like it's not "me," if that makes sense, so I'd rather just do it myself. We need to figure out a time & place for you, me & Alicia to get together, since we'll all be there at the same time.
  3. ok, I know this is somewhere in this forum, but who is the on-site photographer?
  4. Good luck Lorraine!! Can't wait to hear how it went!
  5. does anyone know if you can use silk or preserved flower petals for the aisle? My travel dates have changed, so I've updated the list: Lozzawatts (Lorraine) Wedding: August 9th, 2012 Travel: Aug 7-12 erinme (Erin) Wedding October 11, 2012 Travel: Oct 9-16 nikkiandrich (Nikki) Wedding: November 10, 2012 Travel: Nov 7-14 SylvieG (Sylvie) Wedding: November 26, 2012 Travel: Nov 22-29 gina24 (Marcia) Wedding: Jan 23, 2013 Travel: Jan 19-26 ntlsnow (Natalie) Wedding: January 25, 2013 Travel: Jan 23- Feb 3 Amers (Anne-Marie) Wedding: Feb 8th, 2013 Travel: Feb 6-Feb13th Danimontague (Danielle) Wedding: Feb 20, 2013 Travel: Feb 16-Mar 2 MCathWilde (Mary) Wedding Feb 25,2013 Travel Feb 23-March 3 TraceyJo (Tracey) Wedding: April 9, 2013. Travel Apr.5-12 DominicanAlly (Alicia) Wedding: April 11, 2013 Travel: April 6-20 Ocean123 (Nicole) Wedding: April 15, 2013 Travel: April 12-19 jlb392 (Jessica) Wedding: April 17, 2013 Travel: April 13-25 KristinaM (Kristina) Wedding: April 18, 2013 Travel April 13-27 missjade (Jade) Wedding: July 11, 2013 Travel: July 6-13
  6. wow...you really lucked out with the stamps. We're sending out 87 invitations. Between the postage for the invite itself and for the RSVP, not to mention the save the dates that we sent out a few months ago, we've spent a small fortune on stamps.
  7. I really like the RSVP. I do agree with ChocoTaco, though, about the last line. It looks like it's going to be a little tough to read. Also, are you leaving the "staple here" on it? will there be multiple pages?
  8. Thanks! I'm sending one out today to my mom to make sure the $0.65 wedding invite postage is sufficient. Once she gets it, assuming everything is okay, I'm sending out the rest.
  9. woot! my invitations are almost done. I've gotten about 2/3 of them put together, so the rest should be finished soon. here's the thread with them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/80791/boarding-pass-invitations-with-luggage-tag-rsvps
  10. Ok, this was my first big DIY project, and I'm really not crafty. Fortunately, my fiance has a friend who is a graphic designer and works for a printer, so I gave him the design I wanted and he took care of the actual boarding pass itself. The rest of it was all me. Our colors are Tiffany Blue and Coral. The colors in the photos may not look exact, since I took them with my iPhone. Card stock, envelopes, etc: I actually used cover stock from paperpresentation.com instead of card stock. I wanted nice, heavy paper for the boarding pass sleeves. Their paper quality was great and we were lucky enough that they had both of our colors in everything that we needed. The only thing I can caution though, is that the cover stock is quite heavy. My old printer wouldn't feed it through, so we bought a new printer (we needed one anyways), and that still would not work. I ended up having to have it printed at Office Depot.
  11. Thanks! I hadn't even thought about laying it over everything in the overhead bins.
  12. I'm having the same issue with people not responding to the prelim RSVP. I have January 7th as the RSVP on the invites, but I'm hoping most people will respond before then. The invites should be sent out by mid-August, so that should give people enough time. Until then, I can't do much with the OOT bags. That's a good idea doing hair and makeup trials now, since it's hot. The only issue is that I'm hoping that my hair will grow out enough to do this with it: http://pinterest.com/pin/269019777711726939/ right now it's just almost to my chest, and my stylist seems confident that it will be long enough by April. I'm also breaking down and getting Latisse. I was dead-set against it, but after spending almost $150 on different waterproof mascaras and still not finding one I like, I think I'd just rather not have to deal with it. For the rest of the makeup, Nars makes a great set that I think would be right for my coloring, so I think I'm going with that (http://www.sephora.com/wicked-attraction-set-P301777?skuId=1388834). So many decisions....
  13. quick question for the US Brides- I know some airlines don't have pilot's closets (to stow your dress). Does anyone know which airlines don't and which do? thanks!
  14. I LOVE those bags!! They'd be great for OOT bags!
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