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  1. Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA Price: $ 900.00 or best offer Dress condition: Worn once and dry cleaned Dress name: ADORAE Absolutely stunning! Condition: Like new Size: 10 Color: White Designer description: Fit and flare gown with sweetheart neckline and corset closure. Demir Stretch Satin provides sleek luster to this slender silhouette. Ruching envelopes the bodice and asymmetrically plummets below the waist, while the train pours into a gorgeous balloon hem. I wore this dress one time for my beach wedding and then immediately had it dry cleaned when I returned home. The dry cleaners assumed I had had an indoor wedding because the dress was so clean! It's a Maggie Sottero Adorae Style #1307 dress. It's white in color and strapless. The dress has never been hemmed. Includes FREE shipping in the US! Paypal is accepted. This gown is SO amazing it was just worn by Attorney General Eric Holder's Press Secretary on May 12, 2012!!! Check out her pics below: www.essence.com/2012/08/22/bridal-bliss-yes-we-can/
  2. Fit and flare gown with sweetheart neckline with corset closure. Demir Stretch Satin provides sleek luster to this slender silhouette. Ruching envelopes the bodice and asymmetrically plummets below the waist, while the train pours into a gorgeous balloon hem. Original value of $1200. This gown is an excellent price. I purchased the dress nwt and the only alterations made were the side bustle which is optional to use. The color is the beautiful white which as you can see grabs the light and will make you look gorgeous on your wedding. Worn once for my wedding but has been professionally dry cleaned. Free shipping in the US.
  3. We brought some of our own decorations...we brought our own centerpieces. Where are you having your reception? If outside, it's way too windy to have real candles. We used flameless candles and it was perfect.
  4. Where are you located? What would the shipping cost be to 30308?
  5. I got the idea from May12 up here and SO glad we did it! We got really cute canvas beach bags that say Cancun (all different designs and colors) for $2 each, maracas for $2.50 each and hand painted margarita glasses for $4 each. I've been working with Nayeli but she's been awesome for me. I tried to send her a lot of questions at once and while I waited for her to respond I worked on other things. If there was an answer I needed right away then I called her from my phone or ipad via Skype and it cost me about $.10/min. She and i have exchanged countless emails over the past year. Right before I left Atlanta I sent her ONE email with EVERYTHING we talked about over the past year so we would both have it all in one place. Everything I requested, everything she consented to, any concessions she made, any out of the ordinary requests, etc. I broke it down for her by day and activity. If you'd like to see a copy of the email I sent her, PM your email address to me and I'll forward it to you. I have 7 tables plus our sweetheart table. I have round glass mirrors I'm putting on the center of each table. In the center of the mirror is our table number which is printed on vellum paper rolled in a cylinder with a flameless tealight inside. All of our table numbers bear some significance. For instance, table 21 has a large 21 printed in the middle and underneath is printed "The day in April Marcus proposed". I purchased some square glass vases from Dollar Tree (2 per table) that will go on either side of the table number. In them I'm putting shells or rocks, flowers and a submersible tea light. On the outside of the mirror I will have 4 tealight holders with flameless teallight candles. Pretty simple but I brought everything with me and it cost me about $150 total for what I needed for 7 tables. Good luck with your last 2 months of planning. We check into Excellence tomorrow so if there's anything anyone needs me to communicate to Nayeli let me know. We meet with her at 9am!
  6. So we're in Mexico already (got here yesterday). We came early to buy the OOT bags and some authentic things to put in them. We're staying in a condo in downtown Cancun we rented and checking into Excellence Wednesday. This week is actually pretty calm. I finished my planning the end of March and basically went shopping for clothes for the trip in April. My mom, one of my hostesses and one of my bridesmaids came down early with us to help shop for OOT bag items and put it together. It's been a HUGE help. As far as the foot jewelry, yes it's a sole less sandal. All bling for me and I bought some different ones for my bridesmaids and hostesses as well since we're getting married on the beach. I purchased some purple shoes (my wedding color) to wear for the reception. I also purchased some REALLY cute flip flops from www.theaccessorybarn.com to wear from the room to the beach and then when I'm ready to kick off those 4" purple heels. LOL My mom also bought some flip flops from The Accessory Barn to wear with her dress and they're really cute too. Their prices were really reasonable. I got my foot jewelry on ebay but I got the jewelry for my bridesmaids from a shop on Etsy. Let me know if you'd like the name.
  7. We don't get married until this Saturday but I'm wearing foot jewelry. Congrats!!!!
  8. Hey Monica, Congratulations!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics! I just sent you a friend request on FB. I leave for Mexico in 3 days. Can't wait!!!
  9. I think those look REALLY pretty and I wouldn't have known they weren't really if you hadn't said it. They look real to me. I also like the gray ribbon.
  10. YES! We leave for Mexico on April 27 (3 weeks!!!) My bridal shower is tomorrow and bachelorette party is next weekend...such an exciting time! Anyway, I have emailed the spa and made appointments but I have also Skyped them and talked to them directly. Email is great but I'm old fashioned and like personal interaction. :-)
  11. I got my foot jewelry from a girl on Etsy THEDAYSGOBY... We worked together and she made 5 sets for me (all different) EXACTLY the way I wanted them. They came out beautifully!
  12. Hahahaha...it just kept evolving. Every time Marcus turned around I had added something else! LOL I forgot I'm including Emergen-C packets in the Oh Sh*t Kits....I got all of the stuff for the kit on ebay for really cheap which helped!
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