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  1. We had a legal ceremony, but wanted our own script. One of the resort staff was able to read our whole ceremony, while the officiant said his parts in Spanish (there was never a direct translation into English). I would imagine you could do the same for the symbolic ceremony- write out what you want them to say, and then find someone at the resort who can read it in English (the wedding coordinator was able to do this for us).
  2. I think that this is fairly common- my sister had a Catholic wedding ceremony in Canada last year, and she was also referred to as a "spinster."
  3. I know it was hard to wrap my head around the money thing, but I came to the realization/understanding that yes, some people may be able to afford to come, or could have saved up the money to come... but in the end, maybe they just don't want to spend their money on coming to my wedding. At first I didn't understand when it was still a year away and people said "it's too expensive," and I thought "you could save $30/week and your trip would be paid for." But then I finally realized that yes, people could save that money, but perhaps they'd rather have that money on a weekly basis to eat dinner out, go to the movies, smoke... do whatever they want with! So yes, people may make excuses that it's too expensive, and then appear to be living "high off the hog," but in the end, maybe they just don't want a Caribbean vacation, and would rather spend their money on other things. Hope this helps!
  4. I had to call to book my date... I had tried emailing many times and received no response. So I just called the main line for the hotel and asked for the wedding coordinator, Angela Santiago.
  5. The email address that she used to confirm our wedding date was: coordinadorgruposbpcle@bahiaprincipe.com. I have emailed her a few times though with questions and have never received a response.
  6. Here is the Youtube video of the proposal and wedding: http://shawnandcolleen.wordpress.com/
  7. This isn't my engagement story, but this story was too good not to share- check out the link, and watch the Youtube video within the article. This groom spent a year gathering his girlfriend's ideas for a perfect wedding, and then put it all together and surprised her with a proposal and wedding that she knew nothing about. http://www.thestar.com/living/article/1040420--marry-me-today-windsor-man-plans-surprise-wedding?bn=1
  8. We are going to do a group excursion as our "thank you" gift for people attending our wedding, rather than OOT bags or wedding reception favours. We just thought we might as well give them something that will be memorable, and that they don't have to lug home with them!
  9. In my experience so far with booking our wedding, the travel agent has been alright, but I think we could have had the guests book online just as easily and with less hassle going back and forth with the TA to ensure that spellings, dates, etc are correct. I had already found the vacation package that we wanted online through Air Canada Vacations, and the group rate that the TA was able to get was only about $40 cheaper. For all of the mistakes that our guests have had to have the TA fix on their itineraries, I think they would have been willing to pay the extra $40 to go online, fill out the form themselves and be done with it! The one redeeming thing about our TA is that her first language is Spanish, which will be good when it comes to talking back and forth with the WC at our resort, who does not speak English very well, and has not been very good at getting back to me about my questions.
  10. I'll probably end up doing something bright like a pink, or raspberry colour. I wear nailpolish almost every single day and I generally go for darker colours, and don't usually like light ones. I don't see why my wedding day would be anything different!
  11. Congratulations, and have a great time planning your wedding. It can be stressful, but it's so much fun once you've decided on a date and a resort!
  12. Congrats, and enjoy the planning, it is so much fun!!
  13. We are going to take all of our guests on an excursion (i.e. trip to see a waterfall, or ATVing on a beach) in lieu of favours/OOT bags. That way we don't have to pack extra items to bring down with us, and it will be something that each guest will remember, and that they won't have to pay for themselves!
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