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  1. I got them... The toasting flutes we bought for the reception broke so we ended up using them for the at home reception.. The are pretty..and free
  2. We had our hair done but nobody had make up done. I loved my hair! It was better than I ever thought! I was a little nervous because they do not speak much English... But it was awesome!
  3. They gave us 10 additional guests at dinner for the cocktail hour. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  4. We had 44 guests and swapped our cocktail hour for dinner.. It worked out perfect. All of our guests went to a bar and hung out until it was time for the reception. My husband and I didn't miss anything while we were taking pictures. Also, we were still able to have a plated dinner. The only thing I would suggest with that is get rid of the dessert.. We didn't but ended up asking our DJ to move forward before it was served.
  5. There was not a charge for a rehearsal.. However, if you want a rehearsal dinner then there is a charge. I don't remember exactly what it was but we chose not to have the dinner. Our rehearsal was in the morning and then we all just went to the beach together.
  6. I wore a veil... It was under my hair and I loved it!! It def made me feel like a bride It was pretty windy.. But Cecilia tucked it in the back of my dress.. The pictures looked really cool.
  7. I worked with Cecilia.. She was amazing! She wasn't very responsive before the wedding but everything went VERY smooth on my wedding day. She had everything under control and exactly what I wanted. She upgraded our cake for free and got us moved to the honeymoon suite when they messed up our room.
  8. We used Adventure Photo for our wedding and we were VERY happy with them. The pictures turned out awesome. Each additional picture was $15 and the entire CD was $500. They were not flexible at all with the prices. Here is the link to my slide show. http://tatumreed.dreamsresortcancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/index.html#/slideshow-1/
  9. It is time consuming but very helpful! Trust me I understand how frustrating it is not to get a response.. But seriously don't worry. Everything was PERFECT!
  10. I had my hair done at the salon and LOVED it!! It was the exact picture I showed the stylist.. They don't speak English very well so make sure you have a picture of what you want.
  11. I will second the no bug thing...we got married a day after Leigh and they were no flying bugs on the resort. We played golf about 30 minutes away and there were especially when it got dark. But not one at the resort.
  12. When we first checked in they put us next door to my husband's parents which would not work out. We requested that we be moved but all that was available was double beds in the preferred tower and it was $90/night for an upgrade. We had 20 rooms booked under our group for the wedding so I was a little ticked they were charging but we were moving regardless. When we talked to the WC she couldn't do anything about the charge but she did move us back to an ocean front honeymoon suite with a king size bed. It ended up working out but we are still not happy with the charge....
  13. I would recommend the ocean front room or the preferred tower.. Unfortunately we had some issues with rooms and stayed in both. The view is AMAZING from both spots. My parents had a dolphin front room and did not care for it. They could hear the dolphins all through the night and said it smelled.
  14. We just got back! Our wedding was Tuesday and it was amazing!!!! Cecilia was WONDERFUL! She put our centerpieces out and everything looked perfect. We had our reception on the terrace and I loved it! Luis was our DJ and did a great job! I will be working on my review next week!
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