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  1. Thanks for the pictures, I'm loving that boat looking picture from the Mayakoba, what a great ride!! We head down tomorrow and have a few hotels lined up to visit. Staying in downtown Playa del Carmen to cut back on costs. Did you find the information you were looking for??
  2. I'm also looking at the Amarte Hotel.... any luck finding information???!!! I'm heading down first days of February to check out a couple of places and will definitely be visiting Amarte.
  3. Thanks for all the welcomes! The holiday season had me all wrapped up and now I can FINALLY get down to planning! We've decided on Riviera Maya!! YAY! Narrowed it down to a couple of places around Playa del Carmen or Puerto Moreles.
  4. Thanks for the welcomes! Mexico is definately in our top 3!!! Its just so convenient for our families as well.
  5. Hi guys, I'm Cindy from Hoboken, NJ. Getting married November 2012, we know we want sun and sand but just got started with the planning. I was thinking Mexico... Hoping this forum will help narrow things down!! Thanks!
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