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  1. A couple of months when I found out about the Colin Cowie changes, I asked her if we could keep the original structure with the drapes and she said yes. I'm gonna reconfirm this with her though. If you reserved your date before the colin cowie changes, I would remind her of this because she may not end up charging you for it. christalredd12/13/11 Hi Wilma! My name is Christal and my fiance and I are scheduled to be married... Wilma Zahoul Olguin 12/14/11 to me Good morning Christal, Don’t worry, if you are interested on the complimentary package you can keep this package without any new change, you can keep the huppah with the white drape as the attached picture J If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me J Best Regards WILMA ZAHOULCOORDINADORA DE BODASWEDDING COORDINATORPLAYACAR PALACE / COZUMEL PALACEFRAC. PLAYACAR BAHIA DEL ESPIRITU SANTOESQ. ABRAIRA DE ARRIBA PLAYA DEL CARMENRIVIERA MAYA, Q. ROO, MEXICO CP 77710( (011. 52. 984) 873 4960 | EXTENSION 4604 Also, yes we're getting the mariachi through the resort (I'm splurging on that ) And thanks for looking into the Bose speaker, I think I'll just do without then. I just do not want to give JSAV any of my money at this point (just for the principal that it was free at the time I reserved the wedding). I'd rather use that money elsewhere. What else are you doing for the ceremony decor? Like aisle decor and such. Quote: Originally Posted by vazworld To RMBride2B:My fiance is a local dj and I was told you can't plug the wireless mic to the bose speaker... something to do with input and output. But anyway, I just realized I need to pay for 2 people's pass for the outside vendors as he's bringing an assistant. Even with the discount of $130 just for the ceremony, it'll end up $312! In that case, I'll have to rethink if I should just have the hotel's sound system for $300. Are you getting the mariachi band from the hotel? Here's what I got from Wilma regarding the drape: Q: What is the measurement of the huppa? I may also try to get the fabric myself if it's cheaper to do so. Do you also rent out the other huppas from other Colin Collections? I'm trying to check which option is the most cost effective. A: The price to rent the (old) structure is 400usd and the price to rent the fabric is 80usd, in case you bring your fabric we will be in charge to set up this on the huppah and we just need to consider an extra charge of 100usd as decoration set up fee. What I can figure out is that we can fit the white fabric in the new complementary structure of Colin Cowie, we are waiting for all of this stuff so as soon as I get it, I can see and I can let you know if you need the other huppah or with the one you have now is enough. What do you think? In other words, she will confirm with me if I can just rent the white drape from the old package at USD 80 and keep the new huppa structure. To Maii: Outside florist contact is Laura and her email is premiumflores@gmx.es. I like the fact that she will give you ideas and be able to work around your budget. She has no minimum, which is great! She can replicate the bouquet as shown below (in different color) for USD 65 and the reception centerpieces in baby's breath (10 of them in different sizes) for USD 356.
  2. I think I'm still just going to go without one or look for a speaker (bose or something) and wireless microphone to bring with us, if its small, light and cheaper. We are having a mariachi band play for the ceremony, so I'm not too concerned about the music part. Also, our dj is attending as our guest, so I think I may ask him about a speaker system for the beach, but will Wilma approve the outside vendor for the sound system? I was planning on renting from the resort as well for table runners and some lighting. But, I'm glad you told me about the $250 transportation fee from Zuniga! I think I'll just ask Wilma if they will add more fabric to the huppah and see how much extra it will cost. Which brings me to my next question, did she say that we can't use the old huppah with the white drapes? I hope they replace the fabric because honestly I'm not really liking the Comp. Colin Cowie huppah. Does anyone else think it looks a little drab? I hope she'll replace the fabric...
  3. I haven't been on here in awhile, but welcome all new Playacar Palace brides and congrats!! I just have a question for those that have already been married here, with about 20-25 people do you find it necessary to have the $300 sound system (yes, its now $300 ) for a ceremony on the beach? I'm just fed up with the resort not backing down on this new price. When I booked there was no charge for the sound system. I've told them this 3 times, but they will not back down since its set by the outside vendor (JSAV?). My wedding is in less than 3 months now and this price came out of nowhere and I don't feel I should have to pay it as I reserved my wedding in Feb 2011. I just don't think its fair business practice. So, I know that the sound system will be useful, but do you think I HAVE to have it? I just want to say screw the whole sound system and be done with it at this point. I'm not giving my money to the JSAV crooks thats for D***n sure! Also, what is everyone doing as far as the ceremony set up? I currently have the comp set up from before Colin Cowie came along, but I'm really liking the white pergola's in the package, though the resort won't let us rent the pergola only. I'm thinking I may contact the vendor they use for decor and see what they have to offer. Anyone contact Zuniga/decocancun vendor and have photos and quotes?
  4. Yes, I just got the updated information for 2012 with more pics, etc of the new packages as well. I can forward my email I got from Janessa in the Miami office. It has a whole bunch of attachments that may help you answer your questions.
  5. Is anyone interested in the whole Sky Lantern deal? And if so, do you know if we are allowed to use them on the beach at the resort? I've seen that some girls from Moon Palace are allowed to do them. I am really into this Sky Latern thing, let me know if any of you have inquired about this
  6. The first one it is!! Thanks ladies, can always count on you
  7. Thanks Ladies! So, I've been working on the centerpieces. I got pretty much everything from Michael's (as usual). The candles are LED flicker candles that came in packs of 3. They are usually $19.99 at Michael's but if you use your 40% or 50% coupons to buy them (like I did), you can get them for $11 - $12 each set. The candle plates were 2/$3. And the 'table runners' are actually some shirts I have LOL!! I'm renting the actual table runners from the resort, so I needed something for now to get an idea of how they will look. And the table cloths we're using are the standard white that the hotel provides. Oh! And the sea shells in the pic are some we collected from the beach, but we will be using other shells we bought at Dollar Tree (just didn't want to open the package until we get to the resort).
  8. Hi and Welcome Yes, they can accomodate that many for a beach ceremony. For a reception, they can accomodate that many for a beach reception, in the North Solarium and in the Ballroom.
  9. Hi my fellow DW Brides! So, there are 2 wedding bands that I love equally, but must decide which one I want more. I have a beautiful round diamond solitaire ring. The setting is white gold and has a thin band. I am adding a picture example of both below. Please let me know which one you think looks best and why. The engagment ring in the middle of this first ring is exactly how my engagement ring looks like, let me know if you like the band around it. This is the second band. This hand isn't mine lol! I just borrowed the picture to give you an idea of how the band looks with a solitaire. Let me know what you think.
  10. RMBride2B

    Legal ceremony

    I had no idea that you can opt not to say any vows or exchange rings. This is great news! We'll definitely get married before, if this is the case And this can be done at the court? I know it costs to get your marriage license, but how much does it cost to get the magistrate/justice of the peace at the courthouse to perform the 'ceremony' to become legally married?? I know the amount probably won't be the same in every state, but I just need a ballpark to budget in.
  11. Thanks Tabby2011!!! I will try her. I know she probably won't get back to me for a couple weeks, but its better than not hearing from someone for MONTHS! Thanks again!
  12. @sxcT... Thanks for posting your pre-travel brochure. I copied most of yours too lol! I'm a Palace bride as well, so they have almost the exact same amenities, etc. The information and how you and jszy10 set it up was perfect! Just ordered mine along with business cards for our luggage tags Can't wait to get them! ...You ladies really saved me some time THANK YOU!!!
  13. @tabby2011 or perry1217: Who are you ladies in contact with at Playacar? I sent an email to Wilma (a WC), but I guess she forwarded my email to the Miami office to Mercedes? And Merecedes emailed me back that she would be my Wedding Planner to assist me until I am assigned my WC. Well, she only replied to that initial email I sent and never replied to any others after that. Can either of you let me know who I can actually get in contact with with questions. Its been months and I haven't heard anything back from Merecedes after several emails. And I just have general questions not so much about menus, linens, etc. Any contact (other than the mentioned lol) would be great!!!
  14. RMBride2B

    Sky Lanterns!

    I SOOO want to do this now!!! Thanks for the great idea!!!
  15. @torilynnsmith: Thanks!! The designer is Impression Bridal and the style is 10063. Its in the new Fall 2011 collection. It is sooo much more gorgeous in person too! I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the whole dress (even the ruffly skirt) is made of chantilly lace. And the detail on the skirt is BEAUtiful! In the front the lace criss crosses. It has a built in corset with buttons that close all down the back to the train. The belt is attached to the dress, so you don't even have to pay $200 -$300 for one lol! Its great! And also, Impression custom orders it to your height, so the day I said 'Yes!' to the dress they sized me with 3 and a 1/2 inch heels and it came to me with the perfect length which means NO alterations Well, I will be getting a bustle added, but that is all!! I can't wait to wear it! EEEeek!!!