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  1. future mrs k kendra November 18 November 21 Mexico Grand Sirenis 2 Weeks until I leave and I can't wait!!!!!
  2. I am playing "I wanna grow old with you" by Adam Sandler. Totally fits with my honey's personality. He has no idea what song I picked and I know he is going to kill himself laughing! I am happy with my choice!
  3. We also chose to hire someone to bring with us. For paying for her trip (which we got for free for having so many people book to come!) she will be doing a total of 5 different shoots with us while we are there. We will have our rehersal dinner, wedding and trash the dress shoot and then I will have, on my own, a boudoir shoot and a swim suite shoot. I am very excited since I love pictures more then anything and to have all of these memories saved forever will be amazing. Not only will she shoot just the main events but anything that she will be joining us at or on will have pictures taken! So if you can find someone that you like their work and can work out a deal then I think you are better to take your own photographer with you. Good luck!
  4. I personally am not doing seating charts at all. I like the idea of everyone sitting where they want and being comftorable with who they are sitting with. I figure it is Mexico and we are there to have relaxed, chilled out wedding. So far there are 70 people booked for our wedding and more are still booking. The last thing I want to worry about is where I am going to seat people and if they get offended or upset by where I place them so I am leaving that all up to my guests!
  5. I think it is just a matter of opinion as far as having kids at a wedding. I know for my first wedding to my children's dad they were the only kids that came. They stayed for the supper and then went home when the bar and dance floor opened up. It is just my opinion but I did not want my kids around a bunch of people drinking and I didn't want to have to make someone else look after them while trying to enjoy themselves either. They were 16 months and 3 months old. Now as for my second wedding (which is in three months!!!) we are not bringing my children either who are now 6,5 and just about 4. It is our opinion that it is expensive as it is for us to get married (70 plus guests joining us in Mexico) and to bring them adds to the finance burden. Don't get me wrong I love my children more then anything in the world but they are not old enough to appreciate us spending that kind of money on them plus having to have someone look after them while we are doing the whole wedding thing would be a challenge. I do not want to rely on others that have paid thousands of dollars to join us to be my "babysitters". There will be children at our wedding, just not mine and I do not have to worry about arranging adequate supervision for the ones that are coming. Besides we are getting legally married at home and the kids are most excited about the "kid wedding" as they have been calling it. They think it is just a wedding for them and that they get to marry my fiancee....So in the end it is totally your preference and I think as long as you are fair to everyone (no exceptions) and are polite and tactful about it then people will understand.
  6. I was watching one of the many bridal shows that I am addicted to and on one of them there was an 80 year old lady that was renewing her vows after 50 plus years of being married. She looked fantastic for her age and they looked so in love. She went and tried on dresses complete with trains and veils and though you would think it would seem odd seeing a lady at that age dressed to the nines in wedding apparel, it was actually the opposite. She looked so happy and radiant that it brought tears to my eyes. I guess what I am trying to get at is it doesn't matter how old you are, 20, 40 or 80, as long as you are happy and you are excited to see your mans face when he sees you for the first time walking down the aisle. Best of luck with everything!
  7. We had originally budgeted for $10,000.00 but I think we will just about doubled that budget so far...... -$3700.00 for flights and hotel -$2500 for my dress and accessories (incl. alterations) -$400 for BM dreses ( I only have 2 BM and I paid for their dresses) -$250 for my bouquets (I made my own feather bouquets) -$1500 for photographer (we paid for her trip to come so she will take pics all week for us!) -$500 for Groom and groomsmen attire -$4500 for the wedding package (we went with the highest package we could that upgrades us to the presidential suite and offers private ceremony location and private palapa for a sit down dinner) -$1500 for reception dinner (we have over 60 people booked so far and we only get 10 people included in our package) -$2000 for extras (private transportation from airport to resort, BM hair and makeup, rehersal dinner dress, etc.) -$??? for wedding bands
  8. I will see if I can upload more pics and do some sort of tutorial....I really winged it with making it lol
  9. This is the one I made for my big day! It turned out exactly as I had hoped!
  10. This picture really doesn't do it justice but I made my bouquet completely out of feathers. Different types of feathers (goose, ostrich, peacock, rooster) all in shades of ivory. I also made a matching feather flower for my birdcage veil headpiece that I will be wearing. My Bridesmaids will be carrying feather bouquets as well in a royal purple with the same birdcage veils and feather flowers in theie hair in the purple as well.
  11. Thanks so much! I am so glad I found this site. I am on the Grand Sirenis Resort Forum and I love it but there is not much information about weddings on it! So this is a really nice place to meet people and share ideas. You must be so excited about your wedding. 4 months until I am outta here! And it does seem that we are wedding twins. That is great!
  12. Thanks! I brought my photographer that we hired to come to Mexico with us to come to my first fitting. She did a great job! It was taken at the salon. The dress was bought "off the rack" but considering it just came out the week before and I was only the second person to try it on it was in pristine condition! One of a kind dress and it fits me like a glove. The only alterations I needed was a hem! I just love it!
  13. Absolutely not what I was looking for but I tried it on for s#its and giggles and fell in love. One of a kind exclusive dress. What bride doesn't like that!?! I think I am going to need my bridesmaids to carry around some fans to poke up my dress every once in a while casue I am going to get mighty hot but I dont even care!!!!
  14. Yay for choosing! That seems to be the hardest part! Thanks for the congrats...we really do love that place! I hope everything goes exactly as you hope! Good luck with everything!
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