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  1. Hi Noxx, I got married there in January and it was amazing! AS for your questions - the wedding gazebo at the pool is right in the middle of everyone swimming, so I wouldn't recommend that and the one in the foyer is beautiful, but would fit just you and the officiant. Everyone else would be away from you since there is a little pond around it. They have pictures for every wedding location if you ask your wedding planner for it. I might still have it if you want to private message me so I can email it to you. I got married on the beach and had my reception on the tequila terrace - it was everything I ever imagined for my wedding. My friend also got married there earlier this month and had it at the same location and loved it too. Good luck!!
  2. Hi Miss Nikki Lynn, message me privately and I can send you the resort package pictures of the locations if you'd like.
  3. Hi HeatherViolet, Once again sorry for my delay - I do have answers to your questions though. We are having the ceremony in front on the tequila terrace on the beach, then cocktail hour and the reception is on the tequila terrace. As for the photographer - we are looking into getting an outside photographer for the ceremony and having the resort photographer take pictures at the reception instead - i'll keep you posted. As for the costs per extra guest with the divine package is - $105 usd per person , includes the following : Chair set up for the ceremony , cocktail set up , hors dóeuvres, bar service for the cocktail hour, dinner set up, wedding cake , toast and divine set menu dinner and bar service for 3 hours (that's cut and pasted form his email reply). Keep asking questions - I hope I can save a few of you the stress I have gone thru -lol
  4. Hi HeatherViolet, sorry for taking so long to reply! To help answer your questions - 1) How much of a response have you been getting from the on-site wedding coordinator? The wedding coordinator has been amazing. His name is Ramon and he responds quickly and puts up with all of my questions and requests. I got confirmation on my wedding date within one day of having completed their required paperwork to request a wedding date. 2) What time of day did you choose to get married....sunset? We chose a 4pm beach ceremony to have it with the sun, then cocktail hour will be during sunset so we can get some great pictures on the beach at that time too. 3) How many people do you have attending? I think we have 45 confirmed right now 4) Has it been a problem getting your guests booked there? NO, it has been really easy but I put that solely on the shoulders of our wedding travel specialist from Uniglobe travel - Lynne Smith. She has done it all and even coordinates packages for our families all over North America. Don't hesitate to ask me anything else
  5. Hi wisa2178, The planning is going really well with our wedding planner - Ramon. He is fast to reply and has put up with my many random questions and requests!! We are booked for January 17, 2012. Let me kow if you have any other questions.
  6. We've booked our wedding at Now Sapphire in January 2012, but now we need to book the honeymoon! I could really use some help from people that have been to a few of these resorts please. We have narrowed it down to a short list, so please send me your opinions on them - THANKS! ** We're open to other suggestions too ** - excellence riviera maya - secrets maroma - secret capri - Dreams Riviera Cancun - Beach Palace If it helps - we really want a great beach, great food (especially the buffet), and a romantic couples feel. ** I've always wanted to have those reserved beach beds too Thank you for your help!!
  7. My reasons for booking are pretty much the same as 82turtles. It seems like a great resort for the price and the wedding package was quite reasonable in comparison to others. Good luck with your decision making preciosa41987
  8. I am asking for Jan 20 with the ceremony on the beach, cocktail hour and reception at the tequila terrace. I am leaning towards getting the Divine Package. It really will be based on how many really show up I guess. We will have at least 20 as they are just our family members, then we'll wait and see how many friends and family decided to join us.
  9. Hi Lianee, I just messaged you on another thread, but if you dont have a reply yet - I am from Canada and my TA got us the group booking incentive for Jan 2012 at Now Sapphire. Its book 5 rooms and get the 6th free, for up to 3 or 4 rooms free - cant remember. If you need any info - feel free to PM me.
  10. Hi Lianee, I am in the process of getting our date confirmed for our wedding at Now Sapphire, during the same week of your wedding. We are hoping for January 20, 2012 but have yet to hear back. Since you seem to be further down the planning process - can I ask you a few questions please? Did you have to commit to your reception and ceremony reception when you requested your wedding date? I was told that I have to submit my selection now even without seeing it. Any info on that?? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for all of the replies! I personally am set on Mexico and I've finally taken the leap of faith..... we have chosen to go with Now Sapphire. Future Mrs K - Congrats on your wedding at Grand Sirenis! My first trip with my fiance 4 years ago was there and we loved it. Best of luck! Happy planning and best wishes for your weddings!!
  12. Thank you!! What day is your wedding? We have decided on Now Sapphire in January and we're waiting on confirmation of our date and location.
  13. Thanks so much for your review. You just gave me the push I needed to make my final decision!! Congrats on your wedding!
  14. Hi there, I am debating booking Now Sapphire for our wedding, but I have been told that the beach/ocean is full of seaweed. The beach/ocean is important to us, so I would greatly appreciate any info regarding this please. Thanks so much!
  15. Hi Ladies, I really need some help please. Every time I think I find the resort, something I read or hear makes me start the search again. We're not picky but we are accustomed to staying at 5 star resorts all over the Caribbean - we want a great beach/ocean, great food (most importantly at the buffet), and a nice looking resort for our guests and wedding. The resorts I have looked at are the following: - Dreams Riviera Cancun: We were told that the ocean has a lot of rocks and you can't walk in without water shoes. - Now Sapphire: I was about to book this resort yesterday until I was told by a few people that the ocean is not swimmable at times due to seaweed or way too windy to be allowed in the ocean. I really liked the online package for the weddings - they looked beautiful - Marcelo Maya Tropical: We were told the food is only a 3.5 star at best and the rooms are really outdated. If we were to continue booking through Air Canada Vacations (which we would prefer) - our options are: - Grand Sirenis - Gran Caribe Real - Now Saphire - Now Jade - Iberostar Paraiso Beach - Grand Riviera Princess - Barcelo Maya Tropical - Gran Porto Real - Dreams Riviera Cancun I am open to any suggestions or input for anyone kind enough to help me choose a resort - I SHOULD HAVE ONE PICKED BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEK! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!
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