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  1. Same here!!! we knew what we wanted so early but couldn't book or know prices till 5 month ago!! Frustrating
  2. I should refrain from calling it Trash the Dress... because im NOT trashing it at all! my tiny reception dress isn't flowy enough to TTD with...
  3. Hey ladies wondering if whoever used a PHotographer from Cancun can share the price they paid and who they used! Trying to figure out which way is better to do, bring a photographer from home who will do i all (engagement pics included) for just sending him and his partner out there for 3 days OR picking an amazing photographer from Cancun who will prob only b there for the day??? What did you do and how much did you Pay???
  4. Ladies !!!! I seen this bridesmaid dress on someones page here on this website but the girl who posted it doesn't come on anymore prob because her wedding has passed! I am in love with it and want it for my girls!! If you have any idea i would be sooooo happy! Thanks
  5. Working hard to get my posts up!!! oh boy do i have a lot to go for this spread sheet! I hope im not to close to the wedding b4 i get it!!!
  6. Hmmmm i might just go w/ foot jewelry! Heres a test take wedges and go to a beach and try to walk! i don't think i would walk very cutely if i had on heels OR wedges!!! Whatever i do i gotta decide quick b4 my dress comes in and i get it fitted!!! Im goin to ask my resort how much extra for the boards under the runner but there is still alot of sand walkin before that so im either gonna pay a lot or burn my toes with the barefoot jewelry! here's what im making Easy do it your selves and making them for all my girls in the dress color!!
  7. Didn't want to at fist till my photographer showed me AMAZING photos of his recent ttd in cancun and i must say im SOLD Cant wait for this now just gotta find a way to tell my mom!!! lol with out her killing me
  8. Well i think it may just be cheaper since the photographer is including my engagement pict with the whole thing!!! I might even change my mind about the Trash The Dress session since his portfolio has so mnay beautiful ones!!! Also he made a good point he will be shooting for 3 days as opposed to someone in cancun is only shooting for 6 hrs in one day! hmmm good points!
  9. One thing i've learned from other brides is not to skimp out on the pictures.. so i am undecided about weather to pay for a photographer in cancun (thinking of the expensive DEL SOL because of their amazing pictures OR flying out an amazing photographer from my home town how is willing to do it all free if we fly them out there or pay for their stay don't know which because my meeting isn't for another few weeks but until that meeting and i make my decision wondering what others did or are going to to...
  10. Hmmmm I dont know kinda want to wait till im walking down the isle for this moment
  11. Just sent out my S-T-D about two weeks ago and my wedding is on May 19 2012 could have sent out earlier but have been engaged for close to two yrs now and figured everyone knew the gist of it by now. I used destinationweddings.com and the made the std at a cheap price and paid for postage. Im getting a lot of compliments on them
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