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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv Oh just great pics! I love them! Your photog captured every moment perfectly! Where was your reception? Thanks! Our reception was at Springfield Country Club... About 20 minutes outside of Philly.
  2. I am so excited... I love them! Will be getting a hold of Sara soon for my parent albums! Melissa & Michael
  3. My company is looking for a quote on a project that would require program fans. I have advised them to contact Sarah but she is on vaca until the 13th. Is there anyone else here who may be interested in giving us a quote for the design. Thanks!
  4. My hubby and I were just at Dreams Los Cabos for our honeymoon, came home on the 4th! We never felt unsafe and we went into town several times, day and night, to hang out. Everyone in Los Cabos was actually so much nicer then anywhere else we have ever been, in our opinion. Anyway, we went on a dinner cruise one night and we met 2 couples who were honeymooning at Riu. After dinner the 6 of us shared a taxi and at Riu they almost did not let the taxi in the gate because Mike and I were in the car and not staying there... Security is really good with people getting into resort that are n
  5. Start sending in your wedding reviews for posting! Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa: Wedding Testimonals
  6. So, I just got married in the US, right outside of the city in PA.. anyway.. Just got these and had to share.. I know you all love looking at others pics just as I do!
  7. This may help, it's the resorts wedding FAQ Dreams Los Cabos Suites Resort & Spa: Wedding Frequently Asked Questions
  8. I am flying from PHL on my honeymoon and the best airfare I can find is on Delta. Don't know if that actually helps you or not though!
  9. What about Liberty? I have a really good friend, Amy, she is at the Liberty on City Line... And these are everywhere. Let me know and I will send you her contact!
  10. You look so great... I cannot believe I was just eating a butterfinger stick... lol... I want to go home and use my home gym... that FI and I have had for months and just stared at!
  11. To everyone who said they would come.. I have a Home Interiors consultant coming to my house next weekend for a demonstration that you all claimed you would attend... why today, when I ask for a headcount... no one can "make it" Thanks a lot!
  12. I am so sorry for your loss... you and Reggie are in my thoughts and prayers.
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