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  1. Welcome Larena ! You have loads of time to figure everythingout , so don't panic and more importantly , you have come to the right place . This forum is a god send ! You will find the most amazing group of people here , all willing to help, counsel, advise and cheer you on to your big day !! The site is addictive !! Happy Planning and Good Luck !
  2. It was a complete tragedy . Horrific in every sense . The RCMP have released the mans name and age today . I feel for his family as well . I am sure the media attention will not be pleasant . As for the victims family . MY Gosh what those people must be going through . I hope that they feel the energy and love from the entire nation. I know everyone here in Toronto is shocked and saddened and send love and support to them .
  3. OMG what a nightmare !? Have you contatced the Police ? A Lawyer ? Anyone ?? I mean this is theft , and a scam or con , however you want to see it , its wrong !
  4. Welcome Sweetie and Congrats and don't you worry , this Forum is amazing and seriously will be able to answer ALL your questions , we have a great group here !! Good Luck and Happy Planning !!!
  5. Elisa


    Welcome aboard !
  6. Leticia your post was so much fun ! I loved it !! It was just like a picture story book . You were stunning and loked like you had a great time !
  7. Wow , your photographer was incredible !!! Of course it doesn't hurt that his subjects were Model perfect !!LOL ! Truly you and your husband make an incredible couple and you both look so happy . Congrats and thanks fro sharing ; )
  8. Thanks Mandy but what about Riu Palace Mexico ...its strange , some Maps show the palace Mexico but not the Palace Maya and others its the reverse ...strange ...The maps are still quite detailed though , so thanks again ; )
  9. Is it just me , ...am I blind , or is the Riu Palace Mexico and Riu Palace Riviera Maya not on any of these maps ?
  10. LOL !!! I think he was just plain fed up with trying to appease her , calm her down , etc . etc . ....I mean expressing some concern , ok, ya , we get it but flat out refusing to go , to participate and be part of such a huge event in her sons life AND then to add insult to injury by calling up others and telling them NOT to go and spreading the fear like the Ebola Virus !! Ya , not so cool . So he just got fed up....plus I know he doesn't like to see me sad and he could see I was starting to come undone over all of the phone calls from people debating on whether to cancel or not . So far I am pleased to report that most have decided to continue on and will be coming !!
  11. She is absolute perfection !!! Truly she is adorable , congrats to you and Paul and a big pat on the back to you Mama, JOG WELL DONE !!! I wish you everything you wish for yourself and an abundance of health and happiness for Little Gwendolyn Ann .
  12. Thanks everyone . You guys are awesome! RIU hotels actually had someone call me . A woman named Stephanie called , right to me here at work . I am not sure from where , but it was definately long distance because I saw the number when it showed up on my screen and the line was very echo-ey . I thought it was very sweet of her to contact me directly instead of simpy replying to my email. She said " we take these matters very seriously and if one of our Brides has concerns , its our job to see to it that all her needs are met " Impressive non ? She went on to say that the slaying at Riu Los Cabos was tragic and indeed unfortunate but that without going into too much detail ( she was not allowed ) she can assure me that it was NOT a random act of violence. The investigation is still ongoing ...another reason why she can't say much . But she assures me that the entire Riu chain takes security quite seriously and in light of recent events have increased security in various forms at ALL of their Mexico Properties , including the Riu Palace Mexico and Riu Palace Riviera Maya . She also said that they had " added security measures that you won't see " .....I assume thats cameras but I also got the impression that they have 'undercover' ..as in disguised security officers , like dressed as if they are a hotel guest to blend in with everyone , also there . She mentioned that although Riu wants all of their guests to feel secure they don't want to operate by having a mass amount of secuirty guardspatrolling the grounds , it makes thehotels look more like prison camps then a relaxing luxury vacation . That makes sense . As for my FMIL , my FI was sooooo amazing with her . I think I might have fallen in love with him that much more ( if that was possible ) LOL ! He told her straight up to knock it off ( calling of other guests ) and basically said " Listen you are my mother, of course I want you to be at my wedding , but I am not going to beg you nor try and convince you to be there , if you want to come, great , if not , no problem, no hard feelings , and I will understand ...not sure how the pictures will look for the next 50 years or what other guests will say when the Grooms only parent ( his dad is dead ) is a no show but whatever . I am getting married with or without you . Its going to be spectacular and we are all going tohave an amazing time. I hope you can be part of it but if not , ....well the party will still go on , and the celebration will still take place " YOU GUYS , I was so proud of him , so incredibly proud . I was all " ya babes , way to man up " ..LOL.. Thanks again to all of you for the kind words of support and love . This forum rocks !!! xoxoxoxoxox
  13. I had booked my flights and reserved ( paid the deposit ) for 20 of my guests in January . My Guests are staying 1 week . FI and I for 2 . They changed them half way through March . So far I haven't heard of any more changes and am keeping my fingers crossed .
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