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    Alli - anyone try it?

    I have tried it and as long as you follow the directions you will not experience any side effects.
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the shoes!!
  3. I will take the fans if no one has claimed them. Just let me know the price
  4. The minute I saw the pics I knew you had found the right one. You look amazing
  5. How much is to much stuff and who all should get the bags
  6. amanda0309

    Wedding Programs

    Where did you get your fans
  7. amanda0309

    Wedding Programs

    I loove the idea of the fans it will be warm in March for my wedding and I wasnt sure about the programs. Did you leave one on each chair, or on the table during the reception. I love this website, ladies you have given me so many great ideas and fabulous links. A MILLION THANKS
  8. I really love the strapeless one it looks amazing on you. And CONGRATS on the weight loss so far. I can relate to your dilemna, I havent begun the try-on portion of the dresses just endlessly searching the internet and I am still back and forth on mermaid or ballgown. You look amazing and shich ever dress you choose will look BEAutiful!!! Good Luck
  9. amanda0309

    Alli - anyone try it?

    I love this site, I thought I was the only person having trouble with my weight and considering Alli. The product does work and will cause anal leakage as stated on the box. Just watch your intake and you should results.
  10. How many did you end up getting??
  11. Karla You look beautiful!!! I hope the day was as eautiful as you looked. I am getting married and I hope my day turns out like yours. Who was your photographer?? And what time did you get married??
  12. amanda0309

    Cabo Wedding Forum

    The wedding on the web page at the mona lisa is breathtaking how much does something of that caliber cost?? I am planning on around 50-60 people could it still be that beautiful
  13. amanda0309

    I`m here!!!!!

    Sounds terrific, you must let me know how everything went. And I want to see all the pics
  14. amanda0309


    Formalities Amanda March 2009 Cabo san Lucas
  15. amanda0309


    I just signed up for this website, to receive information about perfect destination weddings. I am planning on getting married in Cabo!! I have found this website soooo helpful. With that being said anyone getting married or got married in Cabo you are my new best friend:)