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  1. I also used Jennifer Hatton and the cake was delicious! All our guests mentioned how good it was... you know it had to be good!
  2. I used Francisco Estrada at Francisco Estrada - Photographer I highly recommend him, he did a great job! Here's the link to the thread where I posted my picture gallery: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...mona-lisa.html
  3. Congratulations Kelli!! Sorry I have to do this... did I miss something?? Ryan and Jackie Tuesday May 27, 2008 Dreams Los Cabo Resort & Spa Jackie, you moved your wedding to Cabo? I know, I know I've been MIA!
  4. It's all in a big wave!! I'm going to need a day off to look through all the pics!
  5. Thanks Ann! I got so excited to see that you had gotten married also!
  6. Jenetta I'm so glad that all the planning came together beautifully! It seemed like just yesterday you were giving me tons of advice on the old forum. Congratulations and I can't wait to see all the pics!
  7. Congratulations Tammy!! I'm sorry I'm so late on congratulating you. You looked stunning! Ann, congratulations to you too!! I'll go find your thread so I don't hijack this one....
  8. I bought several packs from Bed Bath and Beyond, wrapped the packs in bubble wrap and put in checked luggage. I did not have ANY problems with TSA. Since they were protected by bubble wrap, the original packaging from BB&B, and some clothing, they were fine.
  9. Sarah, I was so excited to log on to see that you had posted pics and such a wonderful review. I'm so glad everything turned out so perfectly! You look so happy and gorgeous in your pics!
  10. Congratulations Karla!! Wow, you did look amazing!
  11. Congratulations Edyta... I was truly amazed by your pics! Seriously, out of a magazine! I'm truly so happy for you!
  12. I'm so glad to see you girls sharing information about Sunset Da Mona Lisa. It was difficult for me to find much info when we were planning our wedding. Feel free to e-mail me or post a Private Message for me, anytime you need info. Our wedding had 40 people total and having the reception at the salon was adequately private enough. If you have the budget, renting out the place would be cool, otherwise, the salon should do it. One piece of advice is to definitely try to get the salon, and not do the reception at the palapa. The palapa is NOT private at all, please don't let them convince you that it is. All regular restaurant patrons will have to walk right through your wedding reception in the palapa to get to the terraces. Also, the advice I gave to Jessica regarding the construction is really important. We were promised verbally that the construction would stop during the wedding. Weird... we still heard jackhammering during the wedding... so put it in the contract!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Nrvsbride ~I took my pic down b/c I don't want psycho stalkers posting anymore pics of me on their crazy blogs. LOL. But I just got a new digital camera so I will be taking lots of pics and will post a pic soon. -Glenda Woa, I must have missed something!! What in the world??
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