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  1. I am selling my dress... It's a size 10 without sizing alterations. I did however have a swarovski crystal belt attached & had the back cut lower into a V shape. The retail cost of the dress was $2980 and the belt was an additional $360. It has been professionally cleaned and is ready for another bride to love! please feel free to email me with any questions
  2. I used the dollar tree totes for my OOT bags & everyone loved them... YES, you can iron on transfers to the bags BUT be sure you place a towel or something inside the bag so it doesn't melt together and also use a thin cloth over the transfer.
  3. I am getting married on the beach in South FL and my florist is doing a bamboo arch for us... she is very reasonable and it located about 10 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale. The cost for the arch and 2 floral arrangements for the arch is only $250 - $300 i think. Her name is Blanca #954- 972-1993 Hope this helps!
  4. Soak them in bleach and water... unfortunately starfish were once living creatures so they smell when they die I would try one or two to see how it works with your starfish but I grew up in Florida and we always soaked sand dollars and starfish in bleach & water after we found them Good luck!
  5. You are welcome to check out mine... We used wedsimple.com - I don't know how my fiance got our names as the actual website but I love that people don't have to remember anything too long or confusing!!! Good Luck!!! www.pattiandkevin.com
  6. Awesome... My FI loved it when I suggested we order them but he thinks almost everything else I do is crazy LOL
  7. The picture was from our engagement session... I added took out OFF DUTY & the wording using photoshop. Below is the original pic & the completed envelopes with liners! i think the liners & envelope seals are a nice added touch I had magnets made by vistaprint & the quality was better than expected... I sent them out last week & have had lots of compliments!
  8. Thanks for sharing.... I've been debating chair sashes, but at this price it's a no brainer!!! I just contacted the seller about buying a larger qty and saving on the shipping
  9. I don't think you needed to include her on the invite... my FI and I are not including either of our parents on the invites since we are paying for the wedding ourselves. My mother is hosting the rehearsal dinner so separate invites will be sent for that and they will say The Mother of the Bride Jane Doe would appreciate your presence at a rehearsal dinner so on & so forth. It's your day... don't let petty family nonsense (ALL of us have some) get you down Good Luck
  10. Thanks Our colors are Turquoise & Fuschia so they go with the beach theme & color scheme
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