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  1. We had the petite gourmet and loved it. It was soo much easier then making everyone decide beforehand. We substituted the flank steak for a vegetarian pasta dish, but overall really loved it. The menu doesn't seem that fancy, but everyone raved about it.
  2. Hi Everyone, We are getting ready to leave next week and I have a few questions I thought maybe you might have answers/ suggestions for: Does any past or present brides have suggestions for brunch the morning after the wedding?? Did you provide a private brunch, or make a reservation at one restaurant OR... just have everyone meet at a certain restaurant? Are there any restaurants you would suggest that would make this easy?? I don't want our guest to feel like we are leaving them hanging with no plans for the morning, but I feel silly paying for another private event, when they have already paid for all their meals already! Also... Does anyone know if there are irons or hairdryers in the rooms? And has anyone had the hotel steam their dress or the bridesmaids dresses once you got down there? I was also wondering if anyone had experience with fake eyelashes, I read a thread on this website about them, but I was wondering if the heat would have an affect on them and if I did wear them if I should bring my own... I'm having Azul do my makeup...... one last thing.... did anyone use your cell phones while in Mexico. .What is the best way to make cheaper phone calls stateside? Would you recommend calling cards or calling our cell phone carrier and checking prices? We have a few pregnant travelers whose husbands are not coming, and I want to make sure they can communicate if neccessary... Thanks soooo much for your help!!! -Brooke
  3. Eeek!! WE are getting soo excited!! April 2012 Kerry872 - April 11 2012 amylou1983 - April 20th 2012 May 2012 Jennabug May 5th 2012 Mnd3A - May 19 2012 June 2012 2ndtimesacharm - June 26, 2012 July 2012 MishMash Jul14, 2012 Starcamping- July 23, 2012 August 2012 September 2012 Jennaba3 - September 6th, 2012 October 2012 larazach - October 3, 2012 LauraandBrian- October 6, 2012 jsal4 - October 12, 2012 November 2012 December 2012 janaahb - December 12, 2012 January 2013 evac- Jan 3, 2013 February 2013 tkuzma - February 7, 2013 Christined - February 12, 2013 March 2013 April 2013 slarso13-April 20, 2013 May 2013 kathryn83 - May 5, 2013
  4. Melissa, Everything looked gorgeous! You did a fabulous job!!!! I loved the pomander ball centerpieces. I wish I had you as my wedding plannner!!! Did you make OOT bags?? Congrats again! -Brooke
  5. Wow!! I love this! I want to order one too! Can you point me in the right direction!!! Thanks
  6. I Love the idea of giving maracas as gifts, to shake for the bride and groom to kiss. We are having 50 guests and I am clueless as to how to get that many maracas down to Mexico.... Suggestions????? Thanks!!!!
  7. Also, did anyone else bring their own organza sheers?? How long do they need to be?? THanks!!!
  8. Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on food options at Azul. We were thinking of going with the Petit Gourmet option, but are not sure as we cannot taste or see any of the food beforehand. Does anyone have any recommendations??? Thanks!! -Brooke
  9. Your info is fantastic!!! Your wedding is going to be fabulous! I honestly am soo impressed! I would hire you as my wedding planner!!! I can't wait to see pictures afterwards. Thank you sooo much for sharing all your ideas! -Brooke
  10. Does anyone have recommendations on photographers that are local?? Or has anyone used the ones Azul recommends???? Pictures are really important to me but we dont have anyone local we are looking to bring...
  11. Hi Everyone, We are getting married in July and are currently looking through all the photographers in the Riviera Maya area. There are sooo many to chose from. I love vibrant colors and candid shots. Did anyone find a phenomenal photographer who wasn't too expensive? I LOVE del SOL, but am afraid we can't afford them.. Any feedback would be great! I have seen many posts from a few years ago, but I am looking for some new reviews! Thanks sooooo much for your time! -Broke
  12. Jen, Thanks sooo much for the info... Initially we were hoping to be under $10,000 too... I am afraid everything is really going to add up quickly, especially when you add in the photographer... I had a cousin who got married at RIU puerto Vallerta and ended up paying a lot less then she was originally quoted... which was awesome for her! When she got there, they just gave her tons of freebees and didn't charge her for things they said they would!
  13. I am starting to put together a website and would love it if anyone would be willing to share theirs for ideas! I saw one that I loved, but can't seem to find it again. I am unsure of what wording and information to include. Thanks!! -Brooke
  14. We are trying to plan a wedding for July 2012, but have been having trouble finding specific information on prices at RIU... I was at a RIU wedding in Puerto Vallerta and loved it, but we liked the Riviera Maya location better. We really like the resort, but aren't sure what costs will look like in the end.....I know all the small details add up, but was wondering if anyone was willing to share what their final numbers looked like? We are looking to have about 50 guests and would like a private dinner as the reception... ANy info would be helpful!! Thanks sooo much..
  15. Hi girls, My fiance and I just got engaged last month (yeah!!) and we are starting to plan our destination wedding. I am feeling soo overwhelmed by all the options! This website has been awesome though, and filled with information. We have narrowed it down to two resorts, Azul Sensatori and RIU Palace Riviera Maya.I just can't make the final decision!! I was wondering if anyone else had compared the two, or had good or bad experiences at either. The Azul is very upfront about their pricing, but I am having a hard time finding specific pricing at RIU. We would like to have a private dinner, as we should be having about 50 guests.... Any feedback or suggestions would be really helpful! -Brooke
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