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  1. I leave in the morning for my March 2nd wedding! I can't believe it! Hope i didn't forget to pack anything. Good luck to all your upcoming weddings! They will all be beautiful!
  2. I leave for my wedding in less than 2 months!! I can't believe it is almost here. Im feeling pretty good about where I am at, just trying not to stress about little things. I have everything confirmed with the resort (Melia Cabo Real) food, reception decor, ceremony set up, ect. I am making my own centerpieces and have finalized the design and purchased everything that i need to complete them. I made my own invites and am in the middle of getting response cards back. My dress just arrived and I am going in for a fitting soon. My bridesmaids ordered their dresses last month. And I just received my favors the other day! So I guess its just details that i need to iron out at this point. I am expecting around 40 people in Mexico which is my perfect size group. My AHR reception needs most the work right now. It is March 24th in Seattle. We have a venue, and caterer and since I made my own centerpieces for Mexico I will reuse those in Seattle. I still need to send out invites and confirm my entertainment. But there is definitely more to work on. I am proud of everything that I have accomplished on my own and will post pictures soon. March is Just around the corner, how is everyone else doing? I hope you all have a Happy New Year!
  3. I'm having my wedding at Melia Cabo Real in March and it has a swimmable beach. It's located in the cooridor and is close to Dreams. I also did a site visit back in May and was happy with what I saw! Nice grounds, and a very large beach area!
  4. I'm in Seattle. I was looking at places online but i would rather do it in person. I'll search for places here. Thanks for the info!
  5. Im a flight attendant so I may have some answers for you. Some aircraft unfortunately don't have a closet on board. I'm not familiar with jet blue but it sounds like thats the case on them. It doesn't mean though that you cannot bring it onboard! They are just letting you know that they wont' be able to hang it. If you are carrying it on the plane they just want you to know that it will be considered a carry on item. (The FAA only allows 2 carrry ons per person) So they probably can't make a special exception and let you bring on extra. They are also letting you know that all carry on items that come onboard have to meet the size requirements and they must fit in the overhead bin. If the garmet bag doesnt fit you cannot have it on your lap, and then there is a problem. I'm assuming you won't have any problem with your dress since destination dresses are usual small and light on material. If you had a princess Diana dress or something then you might need to consider shipping ; ). I'm guessing that the airline has dealt with some brides who were caught off guard thinking that they could bring a very large dress on board and I bet the flight attendants felt horrible when there was nothing that they could do! (Trust me if there was something they could do they would!) I would call the airline just to double check that the specific aircraft that you are scheduled to fly on doesnt have a closet. Most planes have a closet especially if there is a first class. I know that I personally try my hardest to accomodate all my passengers. Especially those with special items. If there is a closet onboard I would totally put the dress in there and I assume that other flight attendants would do the same! Best of Luck!
  6. Where did you get your flowers from?
  7. I think that is perfectly ok. One of my friends recently had a 'courthouse' wedding not a destination wedding but she invited a few close friends to meet them for dinner afterward. She also requested that instead of bringing her gifts or cards that we pay for our own meal. It was a nice casual event and we all enjoyed being able to celebrate her recent marriage! I don't think it would be considered an AHR since it's not hosted but it would still be a casual celebration of your marriage! Im sure people who couldn't make it to Mexico for your wedding will appreciate the chance to hear all about the wedding and the trip and to catch up!
  8. So far I have: sent out save the dates booked a photographer secured a room/event contract with the resort picked out a dress (still need to purchase it) and I have made decisions on my centerpieces, favors, timeline ect. . . I am in the process of making my invitations right now, and making items for my centerpieces. I'll be leaving for my wedding in about 7 months! (End of Feb) It's coming up fast!
  9. Sunset Mona Lisa is beautiful! In fact my fiance and I had dinner there last March 3rd, right after we got engaged! We are having our wedding on March 2nd at Melia and we were just saying that we would like to go back to sunset on the 3rd (the day after our wedding, and exactly a year after we had been there) to bookend the experience! The whales at sunset will be perfect!
  10. Yes, I am! I am getting married on March 2nd at Melia Cabo Real. I cannot wait.
  11. Im loving this high low hemline dress. I feel that i can really dress it up, and also play it down for my AHR. I will definitely be getting two uses out of this dress. It's also really easy to move in which will be good for the beach. Plus it won't drag in the sand! Oh and i like this dress sooo much better when i saw it in person and tried it on.
  12. I'm a Seattle area bride who is getting married in Cabo in March. I would love to hear from other brides in the area especially for AHR ideas! Let me know!
  13. I am having my wedding at the Melia Cabo Real in March 2012! I visited Melia recently and I didn't get the old and boring vibe! I didn't get to see the rooms while i was there (which may have told me a lot more. .. ) but the grounds were beautiful and not out of date! Melia is actually one of the first resorts in the cabo area so of course It is definitely older compared to the new, extravagant resorts in the area but it wasn't noticeable. Personally, I strongly believe that it is what you make of it! I know there are fancier places in the area but my fiance and i chose to do business with melia because of all the good reviews, our wonderful site visit, and the gorgeous grounds. The beach is huge too! I have no doubt that our friends and family will be happy staying here. Oh and here is a quick fun fact: the travel channel actually named Melia Cabo real as one of the top 10 resorts in all of Mexico! I think this information itself is a little dated. But hey, it's still good news right?!
  14. These are great! I'm doing starfish as well and want to make my own. Thanks for sharing! I especially like the RSVP cards .
  15. Hello! I'm a new Cabo bride! My name is Meghan and my fiance Chris and I just got engaged in Cabo. We are planning a Cabo wedding for early March 2012. We are thinking about Dreams, or Melia. We have site visits and an engagement session planned for early summer!
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