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  1. Hi All, My only comment is to make sure you get a copy of any payments you make for your wedding, print them out and bring them with you. As you update and make changes, you should have a revised chart with payments sent to you. PRINT ALL OF THEM. My WC didn't have the most up to date, so she didn't see that we had already paid for one of the items she thought we hadn't. I had heard this from another bride as well. The organization skills of Sandals as a whole is not what most of us are used to, and I'm sure it has to do with so many people being involved. Once you get to the site, your WC will do whatever you want. I had Nickesha and she was great. GOOD LUCK!!!
  2. Hi! I brought the fans with me. They were closed up all together in a zip lock bag so it wasn't an issue. Sorry for the delay in response!
  3. HI! We purchased the fans through the knot.com and had them engraved. I was so happy with how they looked and they were DEFINILTEY used!
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    Pops in your head

    Savings - account
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    The Sopranos - Edie Falco
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    What are you walking down the Aisle to?

    I walked down the aisle to "Thank You' By Led Zepplin. It is 'our song' and we had one of our friends play accoustic guitar for it. He had to bring his own guitar, but this way we didn't have to pay a musician and it was more meaningful.
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    Private Practice - Tim Daly
  8. Here is a link to my Beaches review and photos from my Beaches Wedding in September 2011: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/35847/beaches-negril-brides-post-here/290#post_1677997 http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/69660/pics-of-beaches-sandy-bay-negril-available/170#post_1749902
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that! I got married at Beaches Negrli and it is BEAUTIFUL. They will do their best to accomodate you and the wedding coordinators at Beaches are great. I had to change my wedding last minute from Beaches Turks and Caicos to Beachcs Negril and we had zero complaints. My wedding was at 11am and while it was bright, and I'm very fair skinned and squinity, it was so beauitful with the clear sky for photos. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
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    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Hi Ashley, I was married at Beaches Negril in September. I did not buy the video but did buy photos. All photos you purchase will be raw, there are no editing done to the photography. You don't have to buy a package before hand, we saw and chose which ones we wanted and prior to the ceremony secured that our photogrpaher would be there for ceremony and the beginning of the reception. We had a lot to choose from. Im sure you can buy the raw footage as once you are there and talking to poeple, they are more flexible than yo'd think. Beaches Negril is great!! The lazy river and waterslides are so much fun. Make sure to bring your bug spray!
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    Roswell High - Katherine Heigel
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    Lost - Emilie de Ravin
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    Party of Five - Matthew Fox
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    Movie game

    Meg Ryan - You've Got Mail
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    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Hi All, I posted some photos from my Beaches Negril Beautiful Beginnings wedding at the link below on another blog post on this forum: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/69660/pics-of-beaches-sandy-bay-negril-available/170#post_1749902