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  1. Selling my Pallas Athena size six wedding dress. It was altered a bit, and the train shortened. It is probably a size four now. It will come dry cleaned and steamed.
  2. Hi Julie. I agree with Alison, I got our time moved to 4:00 too and found that it was perfect. 5:00 might be getting a bit dark for picttures. For the location, I would say the beach is the best way to go. $750.00 to rent out El Patio is a bit expensive, although, it is very nice inside. The room on the second floor is VERY plain. It gets a lot cooler at night, and a bit windy, so honestly, you don't have to worry about it being too hot. If it doesn't rain, it will be the perfect weather. I would say don't waste your money on ceterpieces. They are WAY too expensive for something that you can get for free. The flowers they used from the gazebo looked great. Which package did you end up getting? We got the most expensive, and it was worth it. They include SO many extras that you don't even realize until you get there and speak with Jacki. Buffet is a good idea, if you want time for dancing. Our dinner was very good though, we got steak and lobster for everyone and everyone loved it. We were all SO full after dinner, hardly anyone ate the cake. I think you will for sure be fine with a cake for 20 people. I say for sure skip the DJ and bring an Ipod. Money saver, and it worked out great for us. We did not do OOT bags. I honestly think they are a waste of money. A lot of people already bring what you provide for them. For excusions - If you want to go to the Ruins, do Tulum. We did a day which consists of Tulum and Xel - Ha in one day, and it was perfect. DO NOT do anything that has the word "Extreme" in it. We did Tulum Extreme and it was SO boring and childish. We also did Xplor a few years ago and it was AWESOME. It is a full day and a bit more expensive, but it is really fun. The resort provides catamaran rides for free, once a day, per person. Just FYI. I would love to see the dress as well. I went with a pretty light / thin dress (only spent $600.00) I am glad I did becuase it was pretty hot out! Also, I wore flat sandals (Steve Madden, super pretty and sparkly) and I am glad that I didn't wear heels. It's way too hard to walk in the sand. My advice is to just relax! I wish I would have taken that advice prior to going out there. Everything will work out!!
  3. I agree with Alison, take full advantage of asking for credits for what you are not using. We got credited for the photographer in the package provided since we brought our own, a credit for the hair and makeup since my friend did mine and also a credit for the flowers since we brought our own. It ended up saving us over $300.00 asking for these credits. Jacki is great! Just ask her anything and she will do her best to help you.
  4. My personal opinion is to go through with the cocktail hour. Our guests loved it. I am very glad we did not skip it. If you are bringing in a DJ, you have to pay the day pass of $55.00 per person. I used silk flowers as well, and they looked awesome! You will save yourself a lot of money. I will attach a picture of the silk flowers so you can get a feel for how they look.
  5. Yes a buffet dinner will probably save you a lot of time, so that's a good idea. I am glad you enjoyed the review! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at adavey@ltglc.ca to ask!
  6. My guests actually loved the cocktail hour. They got to see the mariachi band play and have 6 different appatizers. It was nice that they had something to do while we took pictures, since it took almost an hour to take pictures of the newleyweds. The family / bridal party pictures took less than 10 mins. I would reccomend a cocktail party.
  7. Hello ladies! I am back! Here is the Trip Advisor review I wrote: I returned a few hours ago from this resort. I wanted to quickly write a review because I find reviews on trip advisor to be very helpful. The reason we went to Mexico was to get married. We travelled with about 25 friends and family. The ride from the airport was just over an hour. We had a great bus ride with a great host who kept the beers coming. Check in was pretty good, they could use a few more people at the front desk when a big group arrives. We were upgraded to the honeymoon suite which was awesome. Our room was not ready for a while so we tried to find some lunch. At this time, which was around 3:00, the only place open was Seaside Grill. We sat down and no one came to serve us for about ten mins until we got up and asked. The service was very slow and I did not enjoy the food. We got to our room an hour later and it was beautiful. Huge wrap around belcony with a jacuzzi tub. Big bathroom with two sinks and large shower. Did not have any problems with water on the floor. Our bed was so comfortable. The maid service and turn down service were great and took place everyday. I noticed some of my friends rooms smelt a bit moldy, but not all rooms. The resort itself is very small. I liked it since we were with a large group, it made it easy to find everyone. It was a bit run down but overall looked pretty good. We spent most our days on the adult side of the resort. We loved the pool and swim up bar. I did not go in the family pool once. There were quite a bit of children but it didnt bother me. The worst part of this resort was the beach. It was almost non - existent. In the water there was so many rocks and coral, which some of our group cut their feet on. This is the main reasom that I would not return to this resort. The food was overall very good. Hardly went to the buffet. The crepes and waffles outside the buffet were awesome. For lunch we usually got room service. The free 24 hour room serivce was a big plus. At dinner there were a few choices. Portofino was by far the best restaurant. We went there four nights. All of the food we tried was awesome. We tried the sushi restaurant once and I could not even eat it, I thought it was the awful. Some of our group liked it. We went to the Mexican restaurant once and it was okay. Good soup and desert. The main meals were okay, no one was blown away. The decor was lovely inside. Never tried Oceana because the menu was so small, but my parents said it was not geat and my mom got sick after. We went to the Martini Bar a few nights and had a great time. The dj played whatever we asked for and the drinks were great. One night the entertainment staff worked hard to get our Jets NHL game on for us in the bar which was so awesome. Our wedding day was perfect. If you are considering a destination wedding this is the place to go. Jacki, the wedding coordinator is awesome. She was so helpful before and during. The ceremony was beautiful. Cocktail party in the swing up bar was great as well. Our dinner was set up on the beach and I could not have asked for more. The food at the wedding was EXCELLENT and everyone told me it was the best wedding they have ever been to. The only crappy party was the reception is only thee hours. We had just turned on our dance music and 20 mins later we were told to wrap it up. We took our party to the bar after which was good too. A few tips to future brides is not to worry about and spend money on the small details like decoration and centerpieces. Our set was great and they used flowers from the gazebo for centerpieces. I am also so glad that I did not waste $1000 on a dj and dance floor. It is not needed at all. Another tip is to get the ultimate wedding package. We got breakfast in bed the next day, the best couples massage ever and a private dinner on the beach the day after our wedding. So worth the exta costs. Overall I was very glad I chose this resort for our wedding, but because of the lack of beach I would not return. I hope this review helps. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  8. I have not heard great things about the resort DJ. I would suggest DJ Mannia or DJDoremixx (spell?). I have heard awesome things. I was going to chose one of those but it was not in my budget, so we are just bringing an IPOD and dancing on the sand to save money.
  9. Well ladies, I am going to say goodbye now! Today is my last day of work and we leave on Saturday. I will make sure to check in if i can while I am away to let you know how everything is going. If not, I will be on here right when I get back to offer my help and to let you know how it went. Amanda.
  10. Wow that is CRAZY expensive for the dance floor! Hopefully the cost goes down. Have you talked to a DJ instead? I spoke to a few and they quoted me around $500.00 for the dance floor.
  11. Good idea Allie, I was thinking along the same lines. I guess it would be too hard to chose a gift for someone you don't know. I think I will stick with $50.00! I will let you know how it goes. Amanda.
  12. Hi Ladies, Just wondering if any of you have bought or are planning to buy a gift for the wedding coordinator? Thanks!
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