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  1. Anybody buying their own chair sash's? Any good websites you would suggest?
  2. Kind of a dumb question but are children included as quests at the GR?
  3. Kaitlyn, white is included for the chair cover and linen if you want colorr you can upgrade:)
  4. Hi ladies! Can't wait for the time to fly by for us Feb 2013 whahooo. I cant decide to have the reception/cocktail hour outside or in the ballroom any suggestions? Because I know the heat sticks around pretty good. My wedding planner Claudy Che has been horrible so far I had to complain to the head of weddings then she replied. But now shes back at the no replies I am not a picky bride but as time gets closer they will hear it from me LOL.
  5. I am so happy I did not make my deposit - I am keeping my wedding at GRAN CARIBE but doing it with a Minister on the oceanfront gazebo which is still seems super pretty. Not as nice as the chapel...but those rules are stupid!
  6. I just found this out just before putting my deposit? Are you sure the Bride must be covered?? I find that ridiculous really. The vows thing is tough too I REALLY want to be able to say something personal!!
  7. Hi hun could you tell me if you found this location private?? Thanks!
  8. Hello ladies! I would love to know thoughts on the catholic ceremony! How did you like it? Did you like the priest? Thank you!
  9. Anybody know how much the gran caribe hotel charges to bring an outside photographer? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys could you help you me out with some prices for these? Andy feedback would be great. Thank
  11. Question about semi-private reception to private receptions locations? Do you find it will be long enough? Are you renting sound system or dj? I would love to show a slide show how is everyone doing with planning the reception part i would love some feedback. thanks!
  12. Hello reading through the steps on becoming legally married in Cancun, Mexico. What does Apostille mean exactly? What are the steps for a Canadian bride. All the other steps seem clean but if someone could let me know that would be great. Thank you!
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