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  1. ssantos78- I am getting married there in a month and wondered who was your cordinator on site????
  2. Thanks for all the ideas these are great!
  3. Our wedding date is April 11th we are getting down there on the 7th the day after your wedding. I might have to find you to ask you for some pointers Planning is going good, I can't believe how close it is!!! What are you doing about music..... I think we are just doing the IPOD but I am still not for sure.
  4. Violagirl I am getting married at Royal Cancun and I asked for the Tres Leches cake and my WC said they dont normally have that as a flavor but that they would do it as an exception. Hope that helps! Only 2 months to go!!!!!
  5. I was really starting to panick about my song this is helping!
  6. I posted this as a new thread but didnt get much response any help would really be appreciated!!!! I am getting married at The Royal Cancun in April 2011. I am having the Mexican trio for part of the reception but thinking of using an iPod and the sound system for the ceremony, cocktail hour and the rest of the reception because we are only going to have a group of around 18 or so. Has anyone else done this or know how the sound system is??? Please Help!!!!!
  7. LeahZ we are only having around 15 guests I havent heard anything about them being booked the 14th and 15th; but I hope not we have a few last minute people too! I am going to have my hair done I am not sure how though I want to have it down but i am worried about the humidity and the wind. I am planning on doing my own makeup. How about you? Where are you having your ceremongy reception etc......
  8. Future Wagners and LeahZ I think I will see you both! We are getting arriving April 7th, getting married on the 11th an leaving on Sunday the 17th. How is planning going for everybody? Is anyone else working with Dennise? Also is anyone else getting anoyed with the extra fees for EVERYTHING!
  9. Your pictures are beautiful. I am getting married there in April and seeing your pictures just made me even more excited!
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