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  1. A lot of my guests just came out for 3 nights 4 days and it saved everyone money and made it affordable. Just a thought. Congrats!!
  2. Hmmm...I know he is slammed with weddings. It seems like daily he is shooting weddings and ttd. Sometimes a few in one day. I know it will be worth the wait but I am anxiously awaiting. It is so exciting and is work is fantastic.
  3. Anyone know how long it usually takes Juan to send back the layout of the phot book once you pick them out. I know he sends them to me for approval first. I still am so blown away with his work. So amazing!
  4. I am so happy it was everything you wanted. Mine was perfect too. We will have many great memories from years to come!
  5. you should see his assciates work on his blog under studio work. They do just as good of a job. You will not be sorry in using anyone on his team.
  6. Yay so excited for you. You are going to have an amzing time. If you need any help with anything let me know. I have loved this site. It helped me every step of the way with hang over kits, invitations, and great ideas.
  7. This is how my tables turned out for our wedding and I was pretty happy!!
  8. I looked through his blog to get ideas of what photos I liked and then one week before the wedding I emailed him some of his pics.
  9. I looked at the Adventure Photos and compared with Juan I thought they were a little lacking but I think it is really about personal choice. Have you thought about where you will be having your reception? Also how many people will you be having. I am so excited for you because you will have memories of a lifetime.
  10. Thanks. I can't wait to post a full review for everyone. I am waiting to get all my pictures from Juan. Maybe in 3 weeks or so I willbe able to put my full review up. If u have any questions at all about anything ask and I will help as much as I can. I have no regrets for my wedding except that the videographer that came with my package was not fabulous. There was a lot of noise interference on it and they put in music that we did not request. We picked out all the songs we wanted and I think they only used one or two that we picked. If this aspect is important to you that I would look into hiring a company and paying a little extra money for that. Also I can't believe we forgot to have someone video tape the speeches. Big mistake!! Just a few tips and the only regrets I have. Everything was gorgeous and perfect and our gusts had a great time. We will have a lifetime of memories!! You will too!
  11. So I just got back his links with over 1000 proofs for me to review and I am sooo blown away. His work is amazing! There are no words to describe then talent and eye he really has. He is a true artist with so much talent. Hands down it is the best work I have ever seen!!
  12. P.S. I am going to do my review when I get all of my pictures from Juan back.
  13. We had our reception on the club terrace. It was amazing!! I know they don't offer that location unless 70% of your guests are booked in the club tower rooms!
  14. Check out our wedding that Juan did. You have to hire him. His prices are reasonable and he does an amazing job. http://blog.juanphotos.com/
  15. So glad you loved the resort as much as we did!! It is the perfect place for a wedding. Did you decide where you will be having your wedding?
  16. I know. I could not have ever asked for a prettier cake. It was absolutely perfect. I LOVED!
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