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  1. Lasdies I have quite the nightmare on hand! I made some last minute menu cards and I only have 4 days before I leave. I made all 26 of them and thern realized I spelled them wrong. Trying not to panick. I sure hope everyone is buzzed enough and does not notice.
  2. I wish I knew about those I would have done that for my bridesmaids. Oh well we are leaving in 6 days.
  3. I got the towels at Johls on one of their 50% off sale days. I definately srpung a litttle $$ for them but I thought they added a nice touch!
  4. I am leaving on Tuesday April 3rd. One week from today. I am so excited. Yikes you leave in 2 days. When will you be back from your wedding?
  5. Thanks I will be hopeful for the bothof us! Don't you leave tomorrow or at least any day now?
  6. Trying really hard not to freak out. The weather in Cancun for my wedding is Thunderstorms and more clouds than sun! I am soooooo bummed.
  7. Trying really hard not to freak out. The weather in Cancun for my wedding is Thunderstorms and more clouds than sun! I am soooooo bummed.
  8. How exciting. We are leaving in a week tomorrow and still have a significant anount on our list. I am getting really nervous because I have an all weekend bacherlorette party and we only have week nights to get our stuff done. Yikes. I'm a little stressed.
  9. Oh oh. I have some pictures of my makeup but I need to make sure they do not use a lot of black liner like they have in pic.
  10. Did any of your bridesmaids get hair and makeuo at the spa? I am wondering if they use MAC makeup?
  11. Mac makeup is the best. Do any of you know what the Dreams makeup artists use? I hope it is Mac. I just bought a ton of Mac makeup just in case.
  12. Yikes so exciting. I can't wait till we all get back and share our experiences!
  13. Your place cars sound gorgeous you will have to share pics when they come in. We are almost ready to go as well. I only have 2 more things to get done. So excited. In 2 weeks from today we will be on our plane heading to Mexico.
  14. I am not sure I agree about the dated rooms. We wnt for a site visit and we loved the rooms we thought they were gorgeous bright clean and cheerful.
  15. I am tying the place setting names to them with a ribbon. Depending what your colors are I could leave the ribbon behind too. The ribbon is thin and an orange color.
  16. Ok guys. I have some tips. My wedding is there on April 6, 2012. There is a past Dreams bride that brought some tall cylinder glass vases there and I asked Claudia about them and she is not charging to use them. All I am bringing in my suitcase is fake green orchids and a flaoting candle for each centerpiece. I am also bringing 25 starfish with me. I will leave the 25 starfish with Claudia for any of you brides to use while you are there. I will also leave the green orchids behind as well. Here is what my centerpieces will look like but with GREEN orchids. PS this is a really tall vase in the picture. The actual vase is half the size lengthwise.
  17. I am having it on the club terrace. I have it written in my contract and they honored it with several phone calls by my travel agent.
  18. I was getting really worried. I go two pick up my dress 2 weeks from Saturday and my veril finalyy came in. Yikes I was getting so worried!! Yeah ladies I leave for my wedding 2 weeks from Tuesday can not believe. Claudia has been answering all of my emails. When you get closer they respond better. So excited!!
  19. Yeah..very exciting isn't it.. I know I keep saying this but as of april 5th we will have been engaged for 2 years. I never realy thought this day would be this close!!
  20. I know...I can't believe it is here!
  21. Does anyone know how much it costs for my bridesmaids hair and makeup at the Dremas spa? I have emailed them a few times with no response.
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