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  1. I booked through a travel agent and she rocked. She got all of us Ocean front rooms at the garden room rate and saved our guests hundreds of dollars. also my travel agent gave us a $1000 discount since we have 26 people booked through them. It was so much easier using one travel agent at one place avoids tons and tons of problems.
  2. Passport holders on etsy were a huge hit and u can customize them as well!! The designer on Etsy is Gracie Designs!
  3. Go to the resort website and use their phone number in Mexico. I almost always get here there with no problem.
  4. We did not plan a day trip for our guests and they were glad we did not because they were only there a short time 3 nights 4 days and really wanted to enjoy the beach etc etc and the resort. Maybe that is something your guests would like.
  5. so here is what I did: Travel agent $200 Wedding Coordinator $200 Photographer $200 Servers & Bartenders each $20 Minister $40 Videographer $50 DJ $100 Cake Chef $20
  6. They got the rate I stated but it was for 3 nights four days but also included airport transfers and taxes. I used Karen at Seabrook Travel 603-474-9122. She has done a lot of destination weddings and is truly amazing. Never have your guets book with the resor online. Always go with travel agent. I don't think your travel agent is geeting your guests a good rate at all.
  7. My guests got an amazing deal. I went through a travel agent that specializes in destination weddings abd she used Apple vacations. We all had an Oceanfront Junior Suite which is a higher room category. It was $580 p.p. if you were a couple booking each. $680 p.p. if you were a single person booking. I thought it was a great deal. We also got the honeymoon suite for 10 nights for $3500. These prices also include the transfer to and from the airport plus all the taxes. The air fare was booked seperately. If you can use a travel agent.
  8. Juan sure is amazing. I have to write a review too. I just have been so busy. The summer has barely began and every weekend is booked!!
  9. Hi This is what your bouqet will look like without the yellow flowers. This is what they did for me and it was amazing!!
  10. Hmmm that seems so ridiculous to me. I really hope they don't charge you to do this. You pay a lot to have your wedding there. Claudia did not charge me to set up my menu cards and star fish place settings. Email her and ask her. I also found if you right down a list of questions and call down to Mexico it is worth it and I almost always get her on the phone when I call.
  11. I hope u did not ship the items because you will not get them for your wedding. It literally took 1 month for my postcards to arrive when I mailed them from Mexico and I have heard of customs not allowing some shipments through.
  12. Yay! Glad it was all perfect. Got a sneal peak on facebook and u were u beautiful bride!!
  13. Just ask Claudia to use them. When is your wedding? I left Starfish behind. Maybe 20 or so that were used on tables. I also left fake green cymbidinum orchids and used vases that another bride left behind. I also left the 5 floating candles behind as well.
  14. Oh my goodness. My finished product did not look like this. Fanatastic! LOVE!!
  15. That was my amazing bouquet. It was everything I dreamed of and more.
  16. They were definately only $20 each and I did not bring my own. I paid for the chair bows down there. They are good quality ones that you rent so I opted to rent theirs. The ones you can buy online I am sure are fine too. I swiched out a lot of things so maybe that is why my flowers were so cheap? I did not take the mexican trio band. I will look at my contract tonight but I am 100% sure she only charged me $20 for each bouquet. They were sooooo gorgeous. We did not take the two floral corsages for parents nor did we take the two floral centerpieces that came in the package. We used the gazebo decor for our decoration. So tose floral items were switched out for the wedding party flowers. I bet that is why they were so cheap.
  17. Go to their website and download the wedding planning pdfand look under extras.
  18. So Juan just sent me the layout for my photobook. I wwanted to share with you ladies. If you have not hired a photographer yet he is the one! http://www.juanphotographer.com/proofs/PHOTOBOOKJ+J/ I am not sure how long he will have this link up.
  19. For those who want to see how amazing he does on the photo books. Check this out: http://www.juanphotographer.com/proofs/PHOTOBOOKJ+J/ I am not sure how long he will leave this link up. I LOVE!!!! So happy we hired him.
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