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  1. Has anyone that has returned from their wedding gotten those Waterford Champagne flutes? I just requested them, apparently you have to go to the web site and request them after you return from your wedding. They are free so I figured why not? They look pretty. I am more a Crate N Barrel kind of girl but I am going for it.
  2. Thanks a bunch...now I feel a little better. I am glad I am not the only stalker out there! LOL!!!
  3. Does anyone know how lng he usually takes to get you his proffs. I am trying not to bug him. He does an amazing job I am so excited to get the link when he uploads them. It will be three weeks from Friday. My fiance is telling me to stop bugging him but I am just super excited. Over a week ago he told me he was currently working on our photos. I am obsessing. No joke I am like checking my email on my phone every 5 minutes.
  4. also make sure you line them with a colored tissue paper and on top too so customs does not see the starfish. I did not have an issue but some brides have so I made sure they weren't that visable.
  5. I bought big disposable plastic containers and put them in them with tissue paper and none of them broke. It worked like a charm. Ziploc puts out great tupperware looking containers. I just bought the large rectangle ones.
  6. Make sure u have her show u all wedding sites. I felt bad for some brides due to the lack of privacy on a few of the weddings that I saw. One was on a beach in the afternoon and people were walking throughher reception with bikinis etc. I had Claudia as our wedding cordinator and I really loved every second of our wedding. Claudia made everything PERFECT! She was amazing and I will assume Cecilia will be the same I would ask Cecilia what options you have that will be private. I am almost wondering if the Garden area would be the best place. Especially because you will have the lit up Gazebo in the background. I had mine on the club terrace which was perfect but they no longer offer that for weddings. If you would like to see any pictures I have you can check out my facebook page and request me as a friend. My name is Jana Cahill. I do not have my professional photos back yet from Juan Navarro but he is truly the best photographer ever. When I get his pictures I will post them because they are amazing from what I saw on his camera when he was shooting them. I would also spring for those lights that they use under the tables. I did not need them because I had lighting from the terrace but you will want to make sure you have those. I would also tour all the room categories so that you know which room category to have your guests booked in. We did not do that and wish we had. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. I just had my wedding and Juan Navarro was amazing. www.juanphotos.com Also his prices are fantastic!!
  8. I agree with Leigh. You will not feel like you have made a mistake if you choose Dreams. Botton line is that they do an amazing job and seriously u can not get a better location for a wedding. None of the other resorts have a location like this for pictures and for a wedding. No way. Also if u are searching for a photographer you need to go with Juan Navarro he was hands down the best I have ever seen. I love his work.
  9. Oh I almost forgot to mention the DJ from the resort luis DeAlba...he was the best dj I have heard at a wedding by far. I was very impressed.
  10. I just got back from my Dreams wedding over a week ago it was amazing!! I would definately go through a travel agent that can offer you all a group rate. My travel agent used Apple and the prices were amazing. My friend went through the resort and paid a little more than double what everyone else paid. For 3 nights 4 days it was $550. This included the transfers to from the airport to the resort as well. The airfare was seperate. We thought it was a great deal. They all got oceanfront rooms as well a higher room category. You should see how amaxing they do on the flowers and the cake.
  11. Ladies, I finally have a pic of my cake. look what an amazing job they did. I traded in my desert on the dinner menu for a 2 layer cake. They were soooo gorgeous.
  12. You are so removed from this area at Dreams. The Cancun strip is a commercialized tourist area and u will experience no issues.
  13. I picked mine out when I got down there. she has a very large book and to be honest I was a little stressed about that vut clearly did not have to be at all. I am not a last minute girl at all. Claudia was unreal. She really pays attention to every detail for you and you will have nothing to worry about. I can't wait to show u ladies my cake too. It was beyond my dreams gorgeous and delicious. The veil was not really an issue. It was windy but it looked so gorgeous flowing in the wind and if I could do it again I would wear the veil. I feel like it really adds a lot to the look! I say go for it. Congrats and I can't wait to see your pics. You will have an amazing wedding!!
  14. So I still can't get over how amazing my wedding was!!! I can't wait to get my pics from Juan. I will try and do a review on him and the resort after I get them from him. I think he is the most amazing photographer I have ever seen. The flowers were breathtaking on every sibngle level too. I have a few pics that friends took:
  15. OMG! I am sneaking in a few seconds here on my honeymoon to tell you all what an AMAZING job Dreams did with my wedding. Keep in mind I was a wedding planner for a few years and planned weddings that were 100k and above. My wediing was hands down the best. I am not partial at all really lol! They will do a fantastic job. JUan Navarro is the best photographer I have ever seen! MY bouquet was unreal!!! I am so amazed. I have only seen one photo so far that Juan posted on facebook: I will check in when we get back!
  16. Thanks. I am so excited. Tomorrow is our legal ceremony and then we hop on a plane bright and early Tuesday!
  17. Oh boy hope he found his license!
  18. We are all so close. This is soooooo exciting!!
  19. I am so frustrated doing last minute projects. Last night to late at night I decided to do up some menu cards for the table. I did all 26 of them and then after realized that I spelled potato and salad wrong. I am not redoing them no way. I just hope people are buzzed enough from drinking all day that they do not notice. Check out the attached picture of them.
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