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  1. I'm sorry you can't view them. I'm not sure how to post them with out an attachment.
  2. Hi Ladies! I want to keep this forum going! Who's with me???? I would like to compile a list of brides and their dates. Please reply!
  3. KristinaM, Thanks for the info! It's just sooooo hard to decide! Thanks again!
  4. I need your help ladies! I'm torn! I LOVE both of these! Please help me decide! Invites.pdf
  5. Hi Girls! I've confirmed my date 1/19/13 with Grand Palladium but now considering Ocean Blue. Has anyone compared the two? Any advice would be GREAT!
  6. Are any of you girls hiring a outside photographer or DJ? I've been looking into HDC and DJ Mannia but I am open to suggestions
  7. I'm computer challenged so I have to ask . . . were would the images to put on the invite? For example, the palm trees? I looked on clip art but didn't see any similar to yours.
  8. I am recently engaged and we just decided on Punta Cana as the site for our destination wedding in Feb 2013. I am so overwhelmed on were to begin. We really want a resort that is going to be affordable for out guest. Like under $1000 per guest affordable. Suggestions needed!
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