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  1. My sister in law had salmon. They asked her what kind of fish she wanted since she does not eat red meat and everyone else had it. They are very fexible.
  2. Holly Cow!!! Did any of u ladies know this was an option for your reception. It sure looks beautiful. Please note the photgrapher that took this. What amazing work he does. Juan Navarro is also really good!!
  3. They do not have an 800#. What I did was buy a calling card at the grocery since calling to Mexico is cheapest that way and used it the entire time with my wedding planning. She is slow to answer emails because of the hundreds of weddings they do. I would call the number in Mexico at the resort and u will almost always get Claudia at her desk!
  4. I heard that the one with the hotel does nice work but is not sociable. We went with Juan Navarro and his rates were amazing and his work was unreal.
  5. You could certainly use the sound system it would be cheaper and they do a good job you could create a playlist on the ipod. At first we considered this and then at the end we went with the dj and cut expenses elsewhere. We brought our own centerpieces and got a credit for not using the Mexican trio that was included in the package. I also did not take the centerpieces that were part of my package and used them both for gazebo decor etc. Try and see what u can do without in the package and call Claudia to see what she could give u for it. The DJ is worth every penney. He did a great job at our wedding.
  6. All three of those girls did an amazing job. all of my girls and me looked perfect.
  7. Don't be nervous at all. Their are alot of things you can do to save money. Centerpieces you can be very creative and bring stuff on your own. I used fake orchids that were submerged in water and no one could tell they were not real. I am very picky and have always thought fake flowers were cheesey. Dunny enough they looked amazing. I printed out menu cards on my own to brighten up the tables since I could not afford colored napkins and tablecloths. I went with the white ones and did menu cards, and starfish place cards. It loooked sooo gorgoeus. Also I did opt to buy the chair bows but if you bought them online you could save a ton. Claudia and the wedding coordinator are so very helpful and will allow you to swich out things. For instance the sound system was I think $180 an hour and I switched out the Mariochi band for the sound system. The wedding package I paid for included having that band at our wedding reception. I was so happy she let me do that. You really need that sound system but it was just so pricey. Another thing that helped us save money was the desert that came with the package..I asked that instead of serving the desert if they could just make the wedding cake that came with my package larger. They did and it looked beautiful and I did not pay extra. I will attach some pics of the centerpieces etc etc. If you need any help with anything just pm me. As far as people coming a lot of people will shy away due to the pricing. Don't panic yet till you get full commitments. We asked our guests to give us a 100% commitment 8 months prior so that we could plan accordingly financially. They all understood and we had less than we thought. It will all work out well.
  8. Yup...I can understand your frustration. We had everyone book their rooms with our travel agent a year in advance for $50 and that held the price. We were really lucky we did that. Their were two people that waited last minute for everything and paid triple for everything. I felt so bad! Bridesmaids should definately get on it!
  9. You ladies are so right about the location. There is no other resort with such an amazing location in all of Cancun!!
  10. I was so worried about all of the same things you were worried about. All of our family and friends have money unlike us and they go to really fancy resorts. They all had an amazing time and really enjoyed the resort. The dolphins, drinks, and food won them over. I was so relieved. Trust me u have nothing to worry about at all. Not one single thing.
  11. Minister $75 Videographer $50 Photographer $200 Servers $20 Each Cake Chef $20 DJ $100 Wedding Coordinator $200 Travel Agent that handled entire group $200 This is what we tipped.
  12. Yup Karen is fantastic and helped with all of the details not just the Hotel and airfare. She went above and beyond. she even got my guests all booked for just $50 a piece about 11 months ahead of time. Truly amazing travel agent.
  13. I had mine on the club terrace but I have been told that location is no longer offered unless 70% of your huests are booked in the club tower rooms.
  14. $580.00 per person including transfers to and from air port 3nights 4 days airfare was seperate and can't hurt to give her a call and have her put together some rates.
  15. Congrats!!! You sure were one gorgeous bride and you will remember your wedding for a lifetime and so won't your guests!!!!
  16. I did. It looks really modern but the beach area looks a little sparse. We were thinking either Silversands in Riviera Maya or Royal Beach in Punta Cana? Have any of you ever been?
  17. Congrats!!! I hope you are having an amazing time. We will be returning to Mexico for our fiorst year anniversary but will be going to Secrets instead since it is all adults. Part of me wants to return to Dreams but the other part of me needs a kid free vacation. Enjoy every minute of your vacation!!
  18. I like the second one. I made menu cards for my wedding and I thought they came out great and added a nice touch!
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