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  1. can I have the template for the welcome brochure, great job looks so great!
  2. where is the pictures I would love to see them, where did you rent the decore from?
  3. great idea, Anyone getting married around Aug. 20th 2011, please let me know!!!!!
  4. I am getting married in August and need to come up with a detailed list to give to the resort DJ or else they play crappy music I heard, so please post the music you will be giving to your DJ or playing off your Ipod...All the best music for your reception
  5. no need Juan is so good, I wish he came with my hotel we had to pay almost $400 extra to have him
  6. it may be busy, I would do it another day because I want the focus to be on my wedding not with all the holiday things they might have planned
  7. I've gotten them, there good enough, nothing like the expensive ones at the stores but I like it, especially for free!!!!
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