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  1. Hey Girls, Haven't been posting here much lately, we're flying on sat and our wedding is next wednesday, only problem is.....i have shingles, a mild case thank god, have been a bit stressed the last few weeks so obviously it's my bodies way of saying relax, a few cocktails by the pool next week will help no doubt :-) Chanelo and any other irish or UK brides, i got real touch flowers from a company in england called the floral touch uk, another bride on this forum had gotten hers there and passed me on the details, think it cost around €160 for 3 bouquets and 3 button-holes.
  2. This dress is beautiful, i think that it will give a nice shape to the waistline. Best wishes finding your dream dress x
  3. It's a personal choice, i will be keeping my dress a secret from my fiance but you do whatever feels right for you
  4. We are hoping to bring our guests on a boat trip, there will be less than 20 people so it's not working out too expensive for us.
  5. Wow, i love it! Your reception set up was gorgeous, looking forward to reading your review.
  6. We will spend the night together and probably part ways after breakfast on the day of the wedding, i'm not big into traditions so if we happen to meet again it doesn't matter, once he doesn't see me in my dress until i'm at the top of that aisle i don't mind!
  7. I love these, great job with the rhinestones, i wish i had the patience to do that! How many hours altogether do you reckon it took?
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