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  1. I have two completely different bridesmaids dresses. Silver Strapless & Cocktail Length Dress for $40 + Shipping Red & Olive Green Belt (attached) Strapless & Cocktail Length Dress for $40 + Shipping Please send me a message if you are interested. Chong
  2. I got the exotic gazebo for our wedding. Yes, I was also told that candy cane wrap is standard and cannot change it. No worries. Just say OK to your Miami WC and talk to your on-site wedding coordinator when you get there. They don't care. I just show them the picture of what I wanted (NOT candy cane wrap) and they just did it for me at no charge!
  3. We didn't know either till we got there. We didn't take our laptop but one of the songs we wanted was already on the CD for the ceremony and one of the songs were on the wedding coordinator's laptop. It's always nice to have more than enough music so you can pick and chose if you change your mind at the resort. We had iPOD for the reception.
  4. You don't have to worry! As long as you provide them with the music (i.e. bridesmaids entrance, bride entrance, signing paper & exit songs) they will play it in order without any problems. We actually did not have the music for signing paper and exit songs and they were able to help us find one from our music list and their music list. We didn't think we needed signing paper song (since it's a symbolic ceremony) but it was nice to have the song when we watched the video at home. He actually started to play it while we were doing the sand ceremony... it was really nice. If you don't have the budget to hire someone to play the music, I think you will just fine with the CD and/or iPOD.
  5. **** Updates SOLD ITEMS 1) Starfish 2) Hand Sanitizers 3) Lanterns/Battery/Lights PENDING ITEMS 1) Maracas 2) Single & Branch Orchids
  6. Hi, It's been awhile since I've been on this thread. I got married on Oct 10 and it was beautiful!!! I have attached few pictures from my wedding. I posted few items for sale so if you are interested please PM me. I can definitely meet you in person to deliver the items. Chong's Wedding Stuff
  7. Ladies, I have posted few items to sell from my wedding. Let me know if you are interested. Chong's Wedding Stuff
  8. (2) fake orchid table decoration for $5 plus shipping - you can use it for sweetheart table or guest signing table. (29) blue organza chair sashes for $10 plus shipping (4) 70" x 70" Round Table Blue Satin Table Overlay for $15 plus shipping (1) 60" x 102" Rectangular Table Blue Satin Table Cloth $5 plus shipping This is the best picture I have of the blue satin table cloths. (10) bubbles with tag & (5) bubbles without tag for FREE as requested with a purchase
  9. I got married on October 10, 2010 and it's time for me to get rid of wedding stuff before 2011 starts. If you are interested, please PM me. (27) White Finger Starfish 3-4" for $10 plus shipping. I planned to use it as a place card but never got to use it - BRAND NEW! I bought it for $30 including shipping. (10) Bed and Body Works Hand Sanitizer with Holder (name tag not included) for $10 plus shipping - I bought Hand Sanitizer for $1.50 and $1.00 for its holder. We bought assortment of hand sanitizer scent. Great gift for your bridesmaids with the OOT bags. (10) Maracas for $5 (without the tag) plus shipping - it's a great gift for kids or for your reception in OOT. (20) 8" White Even Ribbing Round Paper Lanterns for $10 (3) 12" White Even Ribbing Round Paper Lanterns for $2 (11) CR2032 Button Cell Lithium Battery for $3 (31) Blue Diffused 10mm Superbright LEDs for $5 I would rather sell all of them to one person for $15 plus shipping. (6) weighted fake orchid for $3 - we used it for submerging it in the vase (pic attached) (30) single fake orchid for $5 - we used for decoration on the reception tables (3) branch fake orchid for $2 - we used for decoration on the reception tables more to come...
  10. I got married on Oct 10, 2010 at 530pm. We actually met an hour before the ceremony to take some pictures with the day light. Once the ceremony was over.. the sun was gone very quickly. You don't see the sunset much cause you are in Mexico. I highly recommend you getting married around 3-4pm-ish if you are planning to take some pictures with daylight. Also because it's October.. there are tons of mosquitoes at night...we had a very breeze night so mosquitoes eventually went away but it was very painful for first hour into the reception on the beach. Depends on how long you want to take the pictures (before or after) will determine when you need to have the ceremony. I thought 530pm was little too late... though this was perfect for us since we took pictures before the wedding and we had less bystanders watching our wedding. Here are some pictures from my wedding. By the time we were done with family/friends pictures... the sun was GONE! You can see that there was a great sunlight during our ceremony and by the time we were done with the pictures (my sister and I).. the sun was gone! Quote: Originally Posted by Mwise17 Does anyone have ideas as to the best time of day to get married in Mexico in October? My TA is needing the info. pronto and I don't know!!!????? Anyone?
  11. Meredith! You look gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!! We are suppose to get our pro pictures next week. I am soooo excited!!! Someone asked about the setup fee... we had a lot of stuff for our WCs to setup. They charged us around $60 - don't remember the exact cost but it's all depends on how much you bring for them to decorate. Chapa, I brought my own bows for the reception and paid for the ceremony chair bows. Everything is setup before the wedding starts... I paid mine 2 weeks before my wedding day. I highly recommend that you do not add anything you are not sure about. You can always add things once you are at the resort. Once you pay for it, that's it. You can only use your credit on the LOMAS products. We were able to negotiate to use the credit for spa service. It was GREAT! I agree with Meredith.. the sky deck massage was great! my hubby liked it so much, we got another massage while we were there.
  12. First.. Meredith!!! Hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico. You will be a beautiful bride!!! Gemma, We got married on Oct 10, 2010 at AS. We had 27 guests and both the ceremony & reception were on the beach. We LOVED our beach ceremony and the reception. We only needed 4 round tables for the guests and the sweetheart table in the middle. We did rent the dance floor for everyone to dance - probably it wasn't necessary. I do not recommend the yoga place as your reception area... depends on the number of tables you need to setup, it's really hard to set it up around the poles. That's why we decided to have the reception on the beach right next to the ceremony area. It's near the BBQ area and the bar. So we were able to use the existing bar and BBQ area was used to cook our food FRESH! It's really up to you what you want. We wanted BEACH everything and we LOVED it. We had Erick Rodriguez for 5 hours. It went by sooo fast. I wish we had him for longer but we got all the pictures we wanted in 5 hours. The more is better... but we couldn't afford additional hours. I would say you need minimum of 5 hours - 30 min getting ready, 30 min ceremony, 30 min family pics, 1-1:30hr two of you, 30 min dance,speech, etc, 1 hr eating, 1hr or more dancing, etc.... You can check out my wedding planning journal (link is provided on the signature) for the makeup & hair. I had Amy and she was GREAT! I had no complaints We had Family Style reception dinner. I am not sure about BBQ but the Family Style dinner was a lot of food. Nobody finish the platter. I posted a picture of our family style dinner platter somewhere page 1060s. We didn't have cocktail hour and we are glad we didn't. We just opened the bar early for everyone to get their drinks (to make sure they stay around the area). We had more than enough food that I would've been MAD if we had cocktail hour where everyone was full from little finger foods and not able to eat our delicious robster tail, steak, shrimp, chicken, ribs, etc. But it's all up to you what you want to do!!! I LOVE steel drum - not too Mexican so we decided not to do it. I thought there was a band that plays steel drum - you can check it out on the LOMAS website. Just a note... the site WC asks you for the following music: 1) Music for bridesmaids entrance 2) Music for bride entrance 3) Music for signing the paper 4) Music for exit We did not consider music for all these... but luckily we had extra music to play. Make sure to have all 4 music ready to go.
  13. Many of our guests brought NICE pants/dress. You do NOT need them. some people do dress up to go to the restaurants but most of them just wore light clothes (shorts!) over their bathing suite for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, we did wear nice beachy clothes but anything close to what we were to go to fancy restaurants in the states.
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