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  1. Thank for posting this photo- Is there anyone else out there who got married at ROR who is willing to share thier photos?
  2. Hi you look beautiful in your dress. To answer your question the resturant is called the plantation. I will be having this for my private reception. Once decorated it looks great. Hope this helps.
  3. Snap! Im getting married at Riu Ocho Rios on 20/10/10 and I am soooooo excited. What venue are you getting married at?
  4. OH WOW! This looks so beautiful. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing your photos as it helps soon to be ROR brides to calm down. If you do find the Mamme Bay table set up photos please post them as I can't visualise how it would look. What was up with the DJ- did you complain? Congratulations.
  5. Think about this in another way- if he were a stranger and had treated you in this way would you want him to be at the wedding? You want people who wish you well and want the best for you surrounding you on your day. His loss!
  6. Wow that is tough to deal with- but think about the bigger picture as she already is- ' a twin for her?' Maybe long after the wedding- think about developing some kind of relationship with her as she needs to know what she can and can not do to you because if you don't then you give her free reign to do what ever she feels. From your vent she seems to have some real boundary issues and you just dont want these things to bleed into you married life. Keep calm and dont let her succeed!
  7. Oh dear- My advice is put this to one side for a few days- get calm then think about how/ if you are going to address the behaviour. Also reading some of the other situation brides have experienced on this site has kept me sane and calm. Weddings bring out the best and worst behaviours in your nearest and dearest. Think long and hard about your next steps and the impact this has on your friendship- I have had to distance myself from a BM as I am so upset with the way she has treated me as a friend. Good luck my dear. PS it is times like this that you turn to H2B
  8. I agree with Kate.com-what things are important to you and concentrate efforts on that. Also remember what position your H2B is being placed in- rock and hard stone spring to mind
  9. Thank you for the replies Ladies!- I typed out a long vent and then got timed out and lost it all- so I will take that as a sign. My BM expected me to pay for the dress and is not able/ willing to contribute. I will pay for the dress as I have no option but it has caused upset where there did not need to be any. I understand why brides turn into bridezillas and I intend to let her out a bit more often as people seem to feel that a wedding is a great opportunity to ofload thier issues/ comments/ on to the bride. My name is bridezilla- hear me roar! Thanks again ladies
  10. I did not think that there was a rule set in stone which stated that bride/groom should pay for the bridesmaids dress-what is everyone else doing?
  11. I did not think that there was a rule set in stone which stated that bride/groom should pay for the bridesmaids dress-what is everyone else doing?
  12. This is your wedding day- you are inviting guests to share this day with you. Take some time out and gain some clarity on what you and H2B want to happen on your wedding day. But remember what ever you do there will be some one out there who is not happy and if you change things to suit others it dilutes the whole purpose of the day. Following announcing our plans to get married- family members told ( yep told not asked or requested) me that it needed to be in school holidays- I fekt so bad that I had not even considered the school holidays in my original planning. which bumped up the price of the wedding/ holiday. So I did my research and we set a date for August 2010- then the same person told me that she would not be able to attend as to bring her family to the resort would cost too much- in other words she could not have attended the wedding irrespective of the school holidays. Do what makes you happy.
  13. Listen to your H2B! You have already shelled out money time and effort to invite people to share your big day- all they have to do is return the favour. I bet those who did not reply would have been the first to complain if they had not been invited! I had the same issue- even one of my bridemaids yes bridesmaid! did not RSVP (but fully expects her dress to be payed for by me!). Weddings bring out the best and worst behaviours.
  14. Wow you gave them $1000! I would concentrate your efforts on your wedding day rather than your 'friend'.
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