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  1. mmzeher: Claudia Vazquez Garcia Coordinadora de Bodas/wedding coordinator Tel.52 (984) 875 1500 ext.6768 Fax 52(984) 875 15 24
  2. Guilty as charged as well! I wonder is we will still be this obsessed AFTER the wedding? There is just too much to see and do on the site! So many ideas and pictures and happily ever afters! *sigh* It makes you so happy.
  3. I am sending positive thoughts your way. I agree with all the other ladies on trying to communicate with your folks, but let me also say that in the end, you and your honey will be married. You are celebrating your love for one another. Please don't let others actions dampen your celebration of love. It will mean as much and be just as special whether they choose to be there or not. It is their choice and you cannot make it for them as much as you would like to. They also have to be the ones to live with whatever flows from their choice. Lots of happy thoughts from me and love to you and
  4. Ooh I am already so excited for everyone else's wedding! I can't believe what I will feel like for my own! Thank you all so much for the reviews and pictures. I love seeing them and getting an idea of what is possible. Thanks too for answering the questions of anxious and nervous brides. It really helps. Pacific: your wedding looks just lovely despite the rain. Were you satisfied with the alternate arrangements? We you doing a beach reception before?
  5. It is fine with me to pass it personally! That will be kind of fun!
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