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  1. Everything will work out fine. We just came back from Dreams PV last week and our wedding turned out perfect. I was a bit worried also because Rebeca was still the WC at that time and she also was slow at responding. I met up with her the day before and went over everything and was able to finalize the small details. She was really nice, I'm sad to hear she left.The wedding office is right down the hall from the resort lobby and I was able to just pop in. Also with the help of some of the girls on this thread I was able to get the info I needed regarding to the menu which was great. I would definitely recommend the photographer from the resort. We worked with a gentleman by the name of Eder and he was great. I would also recommend the Mexican Trio. My parents added them to our wedding package as a wedding gift and I'm so glad they did. It just added a little touch plus they were really good. Believe me I was totally stressed before leaving not knowing anything or getting any responses, but at the end it was the perfect wedding.
  2. Hi KarenM: I wasnt able to open the attachments either. Would you be able to email them to me also? missjacks2004@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. I have a question for those who have already been married at Dreams PV or close to it. My FI and I are leaving on the 29th for our wedding which is the 31st and we still have no idea what we are doing because we have NOT been told by Rebeca. It seems like we are left in the dark. I send her an email with questions and I get responses in pieces within days apart. I sent her an email questioning about if possible to have a wedding rehearsal and if we are going to meet with her a day before to go over things since we have no idea what the menu will be or what flowers are going to be used etc. Well FI and I are getting a bit frustrated because it seems like she’s not giving us the information we need. For instance she said that the music, flowers, and menu need to be decided before we arrive, yet she has not provided ANY information about what is available for the music, flowers or the menu. We had already requested about using an ipod and sound system for the music since we are having a small group. I would have no idea that was an option until I found this thread. My question is has anyone else had to go through this frustration? Is she the ONLY WC the resort has? Did/Does she provide information about the ‘protocol’ of how things normally go with the planning process?
  4. FI and I are still using Destinationweddings.com for our wedding. We are currently working with Becki and she has been great so far. I had posted back in May about needing to switch TA's because the first one named Michelle we were working with seemed so incompetent. It worked out either way because I found out she ended up quitting the company. We ended up finding the resort ourselves by doing research and going on reviews in Trip Advisor.com. I'm sure any TA can give great reviews for a resort because they probably get a commission. Because of that my FI and I put our trust in people that actually visited these locations by doing our own research, reading reviews and looking at pictures that VISITORS took not professional photos. There have been so many times we traveled at a hotel and the resort or the room looks nothing like the pictures on the website. So yeah, Destinationweddings.com is somewhat of a glorified travel agency. Once all the travel arrangements have been set, you pretty much then work with the WC at the resort for the wedding. The positives have been that Becki has been very helpful with my guests. Some had to change travel plans, others had to either add or remove a guest from their travel arrangements. She would respond right away with any questions or concerns. Plus DW.com has a payment plan on their website that helped my guests pay for the trip at any time of the day. Other agencies we looked into you had to either call them to make payments or go to the agency location which was inconvenient since they had “banker’s hoursâ€. Our wedding is in 3 weeks, so by then I should have more information on how everything all went. Whats more important is on how things go ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING and once you get to your destination than when PLANNING the wedding. I would rather have planning the wedding to be hectic and the wedding day go PERFECT than the other way around. Or preferably both go perfect.
  5. I'm on trip advisor all the time just looking at pictures of our resort. That is also how I decided to pick the resort me and my FI booked for our wedding and the resort had a 89% rating. You have to realize that most people usually go on that site to complain, so there could be so many more that loved the resort but didn't think about writing about it. I also agree with another post. There was a hotel I booked that had a 90% rating and it was the worst hotel yet that me and FI stayed in. So what they hate you might like and vise versa. Plus I think I over heard a phrase one time. "Opinions are like a** holes, everyone's got one."
  6. I'm still working with DW.com as of now and also had to switch TA's. The new TA that I am assigned to now has been awesome so far. She’s quick with responses, also forwards me any information that the resort WC sends her. Also a guest had to cancel a ‘plus one’ they were bringing and switch airline departure locations that he said my TA did with out any problems and also credited him the difference back onto his credit card. She also will email ME when she hasn’t heard from me in awhile or just to see how things are going with the wedding planning. The first TA that I was given never returned my calls, was a bit abrasive and lax on certain things and my guests tell me they like the new TA a lot better as she is easier to work with. So I do believe it can depend on what TA you have assigned to. There’s still 5 months to go, so we’ll see how things turn out til then. Will update later.
  7. Getting married at Dreams Puerto Vallarta Mexico on October 31st 2010....that's right...on Halloween and on a Sunday. You should see the expressions I get when I tell people. But a good friend was married on Halloween and have been happily married for 12 yrs now, so cant be that bad.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by saza175 Hey everyone...after the "selfish comments" now I'm hearing plenty of negativity about the drug war going on in Mexico.... my fiance is letting these people get in his head too. UGHHH!!!! I never knew going to paradise for a family member's wedding could create so much drama and negativity! wowwww.... Also, I'm hearing all the talk about how we're not going to get any gifts blah blah blah because people are spending so much just to go. I'm losing it LOL Thats why FI and I purposely did not have a registry so guests wouldn't complain about having to give gifts AND attend the wedding. We just said their presence at the wedding would be a gift alone. Its funny how people that have been to a DW that we invited are soo excited to come along, and those that never been to a DW are the ones complaining. I think its the fear of the unknown.
  9. That's so funny because I canceled my HBO 2 months ago, but will reactive in June just when new episodes come about. LOVE that show. And I love how Bill says Sookie's name. Plus vampire men are soo romantic.
  10. Same thing. Rebeca only emailed me one photog and it was also for Adventure Photos. After looking at their site, the work isn't bad. But I guess it would be nice if there were other options included with the resort.
  11. Looks like Im in the same boat as most here that my main stress factor is getting guests to book their trips. My TA told me that most requested quotes, but no one actually booking. Really hoping they realize that prices go up as time goes by. So far 6 out of 25 guests has actually booked. They have 7 months left, so hopefully things change in next 2 months or so?? The 2nd would have to be picking a dress.
  12. Hey there! I'm from Valley Forge outside of Philly area getting married at Dreams Puerto Vallarta Mexico in October 2010. After 2 months of research found that Mexico is the most affordable for AI with good reviews.
  13. Im so glad Cougs created this thread because it makes me feel so much better that someone else is or did go through this. I agree with Islandbride. FI and I pretty much already knew who were the ones that were pretty much not going to attend when we even decided to have a DW. But we invited them either way just to look polite and for them to not come back at us stating we never invited them. Its your day, your money, and your happiness. When ever I hear a complaint I always think to myself, would I be just as happy to have the wedding the way everyone else wants it. And I always think... no, this is what FI and I want and we're stickin to it. Then I always tell them they're still invited when we renew our vows next year in the backyard.
  14. I feel the same way others did, the most stressful part of a destination wedding is finding the right resort/location. Especially if it is sight unseen. I pretty much went with using Tripadvisor and expedia for reviews. Plus its nice to see pictures that were actually taken by people that were at the resort which the site does have available to view. Sometimes the pictures on the resorts web site isn't always what the place really looks like. Also price, and if having a beach wedding if the beach is private or public. Basically its just deciding whats important to you and matching what location has those items available.
  15. I'm about to make a deposit for Dreams Puerto Vallarta wedding date and reception for 11-6-10 but was wondering for other weddings that might occur on the same day. Is there a time selection that the hotel makes for each wedding, or is it pretty much first come first served kind of deal. I wasn't sure if anyone has ever encountered multiple weddings at one day.
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