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  1. I would love to keep my entire budget around 7500 if possible! What are some of the resorts that people have stayed at in this range?
  2. Hey! Are there any brides from PA having DW anytime soon? We know we want ours in Riviera Maya...still trying to choose a budget friendly resort for around 50 ppl.
  3. aaost5

    Hello!!! Getting married in Riviera Maya

    Thanks for all the information everyone!!!
  4. Yes with airfare and hotel. I really want to stay within our budget!
  5. aaost5

    Hello!!! Getting married in Riviera Maya

    Thanks so much everyone! I just looked at the Aventura Spa Palace and they do have great packages!!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I looked at RIU...it looks really nice and the prices are pretty good! Exactly I don't want people to spend a fortune! Also if it says the package includes all that stuff for 40ppl...what if you have more guests? Do they then charge a certain amount per guest? We are looking to stay under 10K for all wedding expenses. Will this be possible at the RIU, Palladium and Barcelo Maya Palace? Thanks so much!!
  7. Hello!! We are trying to decide on a place for June 2011 in Riviera Maya. We want a resort that has a gazebo? any suggestions? Also we are expecting about 40-50 people. So we will need a resort that will be able to accomodate everyone, but not too expensive. Thanks everyone!!!
  8. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and so excited!!! We are starting to plan our wedding in June 2001 in Riviera Maya! It is hard trying to pick a place!!!