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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by m_willis22 @kari- for the poolside reception we did have to pay for the bartenders. i do not know the exact price b/c it was included in the price we had to have the bartender for the cocktail hour. i think it is like $10 p/p. Thanks so much for the info!!! Congrats again on your marriage!!!
  2. Thanks for your review and CONGRATS!! A question for you, we are leaving on Friday for the ROR and gettting married, just wanting to know when you had your poolside reception did you have to pay for a bartender and drinks? THanks
  3. YEs, i totally agree. i keep looking for ROR reviews as well. Well soon i will be posting our review, we leave next week!!
  4. Thanks Ladies!!! You are all so right and i do know that it will all turn out fine and i know that the brides who have already been to this resort and others would not lead the rest of us astray :-) Thanks for letting me "vent", i guess these are my pre-wedding jitters... LOL Thanks for the advice.
  5. Just wondering if any one else uses the trip advisor website and what your thoughts are. Obviously everyone has differnt standards and expectations and I know that you have to take everyones feedback with a grain of salt and normally I do that and everything is fine and we have been happy with resorts that we have stayed at in the past despite ppl having negative reviews. But im a month away from the wedding at the ROR and i was on trip advisor today and 90 percent of the reviews were great and the other 10 percent not so much..... Im feeling a bit stressed b/c of family and friends who have spent xxxx amount of money on this trip and im worried its not going to live up to my/their expections.......and i will feel horrible if its not a good experience for everyone.....
  6. Im a pre-school teacher.... 3 & 4 year olds. They are lots of fun
  7. Thanks for the advice ladies. Ive been struggling with this as well!! I didnt want to wear my dress b/c its going to be a very casual AHR and i felt like i would be too "dressed up" but my mom really wants me to wear it. so after reading everyones advice i think i will wear it at the AHR!! thanks!!
  8. I know its hard when you really want certain ppl to be at your wedding and they say they will and then they back out....its sooooo FRUSTRATING!! I know b/c its happend to me. The way im looking at it now is that the ppl who wont be there will be missing out on such a special day and they are the ones that will have regrets, not you. ENJOY your special day with the friends and family that are making the effort to be there with you!
  9. I LOVE my havaniias... they are awsome. Super comfortable. Ive never tried the old navy one myself, but i think if you really want ppl to wear them after then I would spend the money.
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