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  1. lol I worked out at night, went to bed, then woke up and worked out ..... theennn i ate, and most likeely the 6 lbs came right back lol
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Tifany I swore I posted this just a bit ago, but perhaps forgot to hit submit. Anyway, I'm doing a 30-day vegan cleanse. The premise is to flush your body of toxins. I'm to stay away from 5 things: animal products (meat/dairy/eggs/fish/etc.), alcohol, caffeine, sugar (including tropical/citrus fruits), and gluten. I have found that I must have had an intolerance to gluten because all the stomach issues that plagued me before have since went away. I'll probably continue to stick to this plan to some extent afterward, with the very occasional slab of meat. Tifany--Can you give me an example of a typical day? Is it basically fruits, veggies, pasta? LOL I Think I would go INSANEEE LOL Good for you I give you credit!!!
  3. kitten--yes 1 pound is 1 pound... but muscle is more dense (so it takes up less space) and I completely 100% agree with you about the scale thing. I don't even own a scale, I will weigh myself randomly if I go over someone's house and they have a scale in their bathroom lol...I take my measurements at least once a week. Thats where the real results are!!! I have a muscular body so I weigh more than I look. I concentrate on my measurements and body fat percentage. The scale definately can fluctuate...I lost 6 pounds over night one time... I weighed myself one night before working out and i burned about 600 calories during my workout-i went home to bed-didn't eat anything- then i woke up in the morning-didn't eat anything again, worked out again-burned another 600- and then weighed myself...6 lbs lost.... all water weight lol
  4. From what I've read, and seen myself... the scale goes up in the first month because your gaining muscle. (Muscle weighs more than fat) The second month is where you start to see yourself get lean and shredded
  5. hey girls... just read this... I'm still nervous though this is a DISASTERRR!!!!! Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Avoids Mexico Yucatán Holidays Travel Guidebook
  6. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone who used Juan Navarro as their photographer was able to switch the packages? I wanted to see if we could get him for 3 hours (it's just me and my fiance) and have him take pics before, during and after the ceremony with a TTD after the ceremony. We aren't really interested in having him print out all the photos, I'll be happy going home with DVD of photos, and printing them all when I get home. Don't know if this is a cheaper option? Anyone do this?
  7. sorry girls... but she's goin for the fake look and I think she looks hot as a fake barbie sorry hahaha!!!
  8. do you guys know if the dresses run true to size? I have small back and medium waist measurements, but hips measurement is def a large haha... would I go off my largest measurement (hip) or would I go off of waist up?
  9. Lynnea-- Does the videographer have a microphone on his camera? It's just going to me and my fiance, so we're not going to have the sound system, but I wonder if the videographer won't be able to hear us?
  10. lol... thanks... I actually found a place that carries them! So i'll try it on there just to see if it fits, and then I will order online!
  11. I'm seriously about to order one online without trying it on... am i crazy?!
  12. good to know about the built in corset.... i NEED to try one on!!!!! lol
  13. Lynnea, thanks for the awesome review! I have a question for you, did you receive your photos and video while you were there in Mexico? The reason I ask is because we are having our AHR 2 weeks after we return from our trip, and I want to share the video and photos with everyone. Thanks!
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