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  1. i would recommend my photographer he was an outside vendor (Dino Gomez)
  2. The Melia is closer by a bit to San Jose Del Cabo and Dreams is closer to Cabo San Lucas by a little bit. The resorts are pretty close to each other.
  3. Hey! I do have photos but the sizes are too big to post! You should go to Melia CR Weddings on Facebook and 'like' them - it will give you a better idea of what to expect for weddings there. Dreams was not in the budget for my guests which is why I chose Melia, I loved it - would I go back? definitely! (p.s. if you find them on FB, they have a photo of my cake (its the one where its 3 tiered round and the cake topper was a custom made bride and groom with orange base) For prices I paid $45 + $13 per guest for buffett and alcohol
  4. Hi, You will notice the response time initially will not be very quick. You just have to try to be patient. You might want to try adding her on skpe: MeliaCR.Weddings and see if you have a better response time. I am not too sure what the prices are for 2011, you will probably have to ask Vanessa about that. At our wedding we had 77 guests not including the vendors. The garden terrace was were we had our reception and it had plenty of room for dancing as well as the tables and bufffet station (we chose the buffet). Hope that helps.
  5. Hi, I had my hair done at SPA Oasis and ended up doing my own make up (i just went to a mac store where i lived and bought all the stuff and practiced and it turned out great!) as for my hair it was awesome! i definitely recommend doing a hair trial. I forgot who did my hair but they have a 'scrapbook of updo's of brides' and my photo is in there with a little blurb about the service I got. Just make sure you tell them lots of hair spray especially if you have curls in your do as the warm air/wind will affect it
  6. i recently got back from my wedding at the Melia Cabo Real and let me tell you - i was so glad we went with MCR. i was a little worried at furst since the communication before the wedding wasn't the best but once we got there ALL attention was on you! Everything went as planned and i cannot wait to see the pro pics. Melia Cabo Real for me gets A+++++++++++++++++++++ (please see my review in wedding vendors)
  7. Hi, I leave for Cabo on friday the 5th, our wedding is on the 12th and there is a boxing match Pacquiao vs Margarito that everyone of my guests wants to watch on the 13th. I wanted to know where a good place in Cabo would be to watch this fight? Thanks!
  8. They only took 2 and a half weeks! That's all they do too is wedding dress alterations nothing else!
  9. Hey! I just saw your wedding slideshow on Dino's site He's my photographer too in November! Your wedding looked fab! Question: For the make up, did they use air brush foundation or regular foundation? I was initially going to go to Suzanne Morel but then decided to just go to Spa Oasis at the Hilton since its next door to the resort I am getting married at....
  10. How did you find the weather for your wedding? Was it windy? I am getting married in Cabo this November and want to know if candles are a good idea for the reception. Thanks!
  11. I just got my dress back...wow Debbie's Bridal fashions did an amazing job on my dress! It doesn't even look like I got it altered it looks like I bought it that way~ Very pleased. If you guys are looking to get your dress altered/hemmed, go to Debbie's! She has been sewing since she was 12! She knows what she is doing!
  12. OMG that was intense! CONGRATS! sooo awesome! (i was like agh! she dropped it!) LOL Â
  13. They only do wedding gown alterations (and sell like a few veils and tiara's) but that's it! They specialize in wedding gowns! Â
  14. 2 more months for me! who hoo! just went into debbie's bridal fashions today to get my dressed altered. changing the neckline from straight to sweetheart, adding a bustle, hemming and taking the sides in (so it's going through a huge transformation - i hope everything turns out well) my alterations cost $360+ tax yikes! But if the reviews are as good as it is - it is all worth it   Â
  15. Â don't forget the le chateau outlet in the north side also! (on 137th ave), there's also one in mayfield common (i think), south common (for sure) - good luck!
  16. Â Yeah, I am actually not too worried about her not responding to me yet as I understand that there are many weddings they have to deal with. I am sure everything will work in the end - I just think it sucks not hearing a response. Â I, too was sticker shocked. I thought that having a destination wedding would be cheaper but its still pretty pricey. I am saving $ on doing real touch bouquets for myself and the bridesmaids vs real ones even though the tropical fairy tale package comes with a bouquet for myself and a bout for the groom, I am bringing my own centrepieces and chair sashes too. I am also not doing a set dinner rehearsal, we figured we would all just eat at one of the restaurants in the resort the evening of the rehearsal. $1100 for s'mores and bonfire? crazy! I thought $1300 that we are spending for a DJ was ridiculous! Â We are having our wedding on the beach and the reception will be on the ocean terrace as well. Â Take care!
  17. Â So i emailed her (Vanessa) once again and she finally got back to me and apologized for not responding to me and says she has been busy with the other weddings which she said shouldn't be an excuse. She emailed me my wedding spreadsheet as to what we have chosen so far and what the balance owing is left etc.. (the previous wedding coordinator Cecilia already gave me a copy but Vanessa changed the layout of it. She also changed the start time of my cocktails and reception and when I emailed her back asking about the change in time - she never responded and still hasn't. i've pretty much given up on communicating with her until my wedding comes a little bit closer. I miss Cecilia the other wedding coordinator she was so quick to respond to things and was always on top of everything. Hopefully Vanessa starts to respond..... Â
  18. i start my first hot yoga class today - less than 3 months...it's crunch time for me!
  19. Thanks! yes i am doing a trial also - it's the same price as the updo itself but i think its still pretty reasonably priced compared to everywhere else
  20. I have talked to her before and she told me that it was the tropical fairytale wedding package which is the same package I am getting but anything over 24 persons is an additional $45 per plate plus cost of open bar
  21. i am getting married on the beach and will be wearing sandals (no heels) for the ceremony then wearing heels for the reception on the terrace
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by LeeLee I am so glad other's have also booked at Melia Cabo Real! I have been in contact with Vanessa and she is so quick to respond. She always says YES to my requests! She's great! I was a little nervous about choosing MCR since there isn't a ton of info, but after the site visit, we were 100% sure! Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see how everything turns out!!!! i am finding that abigail her assistant replies but i haven't heard anything yet from vanessa except that she was taking over from cecilia and that was like almost a couple months ago now! i just hope when i arrive there everything goes smoothly....i was asking if we can do a taste testing of the menu we choose (tropical buffet) and i was told that someone would get back to me no later than June 28, 2010 so its now July 25, 2010 and still no response
  23. i like #1 - but i am not sure about the neckline..... it totally shows off yours curves!
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