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  1. Forgive me if I sound like a spoiled Brat but why oh why does it take Yesica soooooo incredibly long to email me back and why can she never give me a straight answer. I realize she is busy I happen to work too In nyc in the Fashion industry and so maybe that makes me a little hyper and unwilling to wait but Now that I have selected my date and things are starting to come together It seems that i get replys less and less. The last 3 emails that have happend in the span of 2 months took 1 week and half almost 2 to reply. I haven't been there so i don't know what its really like but whats the sto
  2. Hi everybody so at this point it looks like Dreams is going to be the place I'm very excited. However Im doing my cocktail hour out side and reception inside so we can have the extra time and I have yet to see a picture of the indoor ballrooms. Does any one have any pictures that they're taken for themselves or maybe from their wedding? Thanks Alexis
  3. Has anyone had their wedding at the melia cabo real or planning to have it there? Im actually working with Yesica from dreams to have my wedding there in May 2010 but haven't set a date yet and wanted to have at least one other option so far dreams is my favorite for more than one reason compared to any other place. Ive been trying to get info from the cabo real website but it doesn't say much nor does it have any wedding coordinator information. If any one can direct me the right way and has any helpful info or hints it would be very appriciated. Thanks, Lexy
  4. Does anyone have a list of Hair and Makeup vendors that do a really good job I've been reading that dreams cabo(this is where i plan to do my wedding) doesn't have the best people as far as that is concerned and that a pretty high priority for me. Any recommendations?
  5. 2300 is really high my mom is going there in April and paying 1250 for 4 or 5 days i think.
  6. wow that is great thank you this should put a few people at ease because they are driving me nuts thanks alot
  7. Hi everybody, So a few people in my family have been concerned with how much it will cost to fly and stay at Cabo Dreams for my wedding in late April or May. Obviously it will be all inclusive but since I haven't gotten those kind of numbers from the wc yet I don't have a real answer. I was wondering if anyone knows how much this would be roughly from say NYC OR Florida? Please help. Thanks
  8. okay thanks I'll keep that in mind this is the one i used Weddings@dreamsloscabos.com
  9. Hi everyone my name is Alexis my wedding date is sometime in late April or early May not totally set yet and I am having it at Dreams in Cabo.
  10. Hi everybody my name is Alexis I am planning to get married in late April or early May at Dreams in Cabo. However does anyone know the contact inforamtion for the wedding coordinator there its been 3 almost 4 days and I haven't heard from her at all. I already filled out the request form and I've been in contact with the girl from Cancun but no cabo Im wondering if I have the wrong info. Cabo is my number1 choice can anyone help?
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