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  1. Hi!! I'm very interested in maybe having our wedding at the beach palace November 2011! Would you be able to send me some information on it and why you chose it??
  2. Looking for the review section tab for Destination Wedding in Riviera Maya, Cancun & surrounding areas" thank you
  3. Wow, Matt, thank you so much! these are great! should keep me busy for a while! Â you have been a big help! Â Take care! Â Jessica
  4. Hi thats for the response! I meant to say that Feb is high season for vacationers, hence it being more exspensive to have our wedding at that time, so I may have to change the date to May ect to keep to my guests budget. Feb is expensive as is March. But I'm willing to switch the date to get a great price at a fancy resort! Â I'v visited the the mayan rivera a few times too and think it's the perfect spot for us to celebrate our special day! I'm such a beach bum! Couldnt imagine my day anywhere else. Â Where did you book your wedding? Â I hope to hear some updates as to how it went for you! and any tips~! when is your wedding date? Â Jessica
  5. I am new too and am looking at the Rivera Maya as well! let me know a list of the best Resorts to get married if you get a chance, need all the help I can get  Where would be the best place to go for the resort wedding reveiws? good luck!
  6. Hi Ya'll newly engaged gal here, We are planning to get married Feb 12th 2010 but apparantley thats high season for DW's in the Mayan Rivera!!!! So frig now we have to potentially move our wedding date so it's not over our guests budgets to go?! Where do I go from here? Now I dont even know when I'm getting married! what is a reasonable budget to set for our guest?! $1500-1700 is what I'm guessing... I have a meeting with a wedding travel agent on Sept 22nd, so I'm hoping that she may be able to shed some light....  anything else I should be doing?   excited to hear your thoughts   Jessica
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