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  1. LOL! I'm going to be ordering like 4 different pairs from Zappos to see which ones look best with me dress, I'm where you're at, there are soo many I like but can't decide and know that i have to see them with the dress. Do you have your dress yet? Â
  2. Nan, i like both shoes but i think the ones with the jewels give it that extra bling! You should order them and then if you don't like them well just return them, shipping is on them
  3. I am SOOOO SORRY to hear that. That really sucks! On the bright side you will be getting your money back thu. I know knock off's right now probably have a sour taste in your mouth but there are places out there that do do a good job. If you decided to try it again, i hope you have better luck! Monica Bridal would be a good option for you to try and they'll tell you how close to the original they can make your dress and then you can decide what to do from there. Again i'm sorry about you horrible experience!!! Â
  4. Honestly with Monica Bridal you CANT go wrong. I rave about them every chance i get. Had i found them before i purchased my wedding dress i would have FOR SURE gone the knock off route. But i found them too late. Â
  5. I think you would need to try them on with the dress, they look casual but they may go perfect with your dress.
  6. Mango weddings, they're the in-house photogs for Riu Palace.
  7. I've actually talked to the officiant and he let's you choose what he wants to say, you can pick one of his ceremonies or he can read one you've written, which is what i'm doing, having him read what i've come up with.
  8. There are soo many shoes on Zappos and a lot of wedge heels too. You should give it a look! They definitely have one that are more casual. Â
  9. Beca i totally get what you are saying, i was one of those brides that almost went the knock off route but was soooo scared i wasn't going to like my dress for whatever reason. Well after searching i finally found someone who was selling my dress Sottero & Midgley because at the last minute she changed her mind about it. So i go a brand name never worn dress for $500 and yes i'll need to alter it but not much and for me I've found tailors that will alter it for very little so i can't complain about the cost of alterations, and no they aren't some no name tailors, they are well known in Chi
  10. The only ones that'll know about our legal day will be our parents. With the symbolic wedding you do sign a paper saying you were married on such a date at the hotel. So see guests wont know the difference
  11. Or these, sorry when i start looking i start looking lol  http://www.zappos.com/touch-ups-lucy-white
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