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  1. So I really wanted to do a slide show for my wedding. I have always thought these things were so cute and a great idea. But after getting the cost to rent the resorts equipment and ect, i was then brought to the realization that it wasnt going to happen...until! I completely forgot about a christmas gift i got several yrs ago. A digital frame. ) So I have upload a bunch of photos onto it, and i am going to place it at the table where the guest book is so ppl can take a look if they wish.
  2. So I have had to change my Bridesmaid Dresses. I was alittle stressed at first about it, but my girlfriends and I went to buffalo and i got these. Which I LOVE! Came with a black belt, but i am going to do white with flowers on it.
  3. The Thank You cards were done on vista print. There was a template, but it allows you to play around with it slightly. When we did the invites it gives you options for matching items like the Thank You cards.
  4. Here are a few of the songs my FI and I have decided on so far. 1st Dance David Cook, The Time of My Life Sand Ceremony Backstreet Boys & Shania Twain, From This Moment Bride Walking Down the Aisle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHw-L9vdNWA Kiss The Girl Everyone Walking Up the Aisle U2, Beautiful Day
  5. If you go onto facebook and look up Weddings Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro Resort their facebook site has a lot of great pics of the different colours they offer, cakes, decor ect.
  6. I am so glad that my FI is not wanting to wear shorts. We havent started looking for his outfit and the groomsmen yet, but it will be semi formal as we arent getting married on the beach.
  7. Hi Ladies, I am legally getting married in the DR, and i know they're alot of paper work that needs to be done before actually saying " I Do" I am just wondering if anyone is at this step yet? I have been looking online and it gets alittle overwhelming. How soon do i need to apply for the papers ect. Any help would be great. thanks
  8. So i am currently at the stage where i need to start really thinking about a wedding band. I have attached a pic of my engagement ring. I am thinking about going with a platnium band to match my E ring, but then change it up and go with Pink Sapphires. I have also attached a pic of the idea i am looking for. Some changes will need to be made since my E ring is a pear shape. What do you think?
  9. I also have a Canadian diamond! they're beautiful arent they )
  10. i am so stuck as to just what to do with my hair. i am getting married in punta cana, and if i remember correctly from being there 2 yrs ago, my hair didnt want to do anything! i tried to curly it, it would fall. i dont know i want it down either cause it will be july and HOT. so torn. I love the flower peices thou. so i wanna try something with that.
  11. thanks for all the great comments ladies! ) i really cant believe how soon its gonna come. I have sent out my wedding invites, which my FI and I did up on Vista Print, along with our Thank You Cards. It was a very difficult thing, lol, as we couldnt find one that we both liked at first. But in the end we came up with this. Sticky Seals, Back of Invite with trip details, Front of Invite, Envelope, and Thank You Card.
  12. thank goodness for this thread. i was just gonna order samples from this site. and i was lost as to the difference as well.
  13. i am having such a hard time trying to figure out what to walk down the aisle to, and for the bridesmaids as well. not sure if i want a song with words or not. so lost when it comes to this.
  14. OMG i am in the same boat, and i feel like this is going to be the hardest part of the "planning" I have noooo idea what my party should walk to during the cermony, nor do i know what i should walk down to......urgh!
  15. Quote:Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon wow Ashley, amazing. I might just have to look into that photographer since Cobourg is so close to Oshawa! She is fantastic! Really great to work with. And yes cobourg isn't to far. I work in Oshawa, drive there every day.
  16. i think the rings on this thread just keep getting better and better
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