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  1. Visit http://www.jillianbphotography.com/ for any information on booking her for a wedding. She is so much fun! And really talented. One of the areas on her site that you will see alot of the pics is under the tab "BLOG" I was her first destination wedding. http://www.jillianbphotography.com/ http://www.jillianbphotography.com/ http://www.jillianbphotography.com/ http://www.jillianbphotography.com/
  2. Hey ladies! I am in need to HELP!!!! I have attached a pic of my bridemaid dresses. I dont know what colour shoes to purchase. My problem is I am either doing a white sash/belt with a flower....idea is also attached, OR its going to be fuschia sash/belt. If I do white, i am ok, kind of, to do white shoes. But i am not over the moon about it. I dont think getting the Blue colour for shoes is right, just incase the blues are off. So I dont really know. Any suggestions would be great. thanks!
  3. What a great idea on the detail inside the ring. love that!
  4. I had my wedding recp. at the Garden Grill. Very good food!
  5. I Didnt get married at the esmeralda, But i did stay there for my honeymoon. I got married at the Bahia but the bavaro part, which is just another area of the large resort. If you have any questions ask away. I will say you should for sure have a private reception, made the whole night even better!
  6. I LOVE everyone of your pics! Specially the fireworks one though. Lovely!
  7. I really love this ring! have u thought what kind of wedding band you will get?
  8. Any Bridal shop should carry it. Its a Maggie Sottero, called RD1044 ( i know its not a fancy name lol)
  9. I LOVE these! who makes them? where did you find them????
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have pink in my wedding band.
  11. So i feel as thou i am ready to make my blog about my wedding lol July 8 2011 Punta Cana Gran Bahia Principe First, STD's. Purchased Luggage tags from the dollar store, and my FI made the new insert for them. Cost of each $1, purchased 35 i have also purchased my dress.
  12. Thanks Ladies. I am really not one of those girls that was overly attached to my dress... i mean dont get me wrong I fell in love with it. But lets be real here, how many of us girls end up wearing our mothers dress for our big day. So I figured I would save items from it, that way if i have a girl, she can incorporate those into her attire.
  13. I love when i see this thread has been updated! Love looking at the photos!
  14. ashley1316

    Trying to Choose our Punta Cana Resort

    I got married at the Bahia and love it. Just and FYI its a very LARGE resort. Some ppl like this other dont. any questions, ask away.
  15. Love the pic of you 2 under the boardwalk! Great pics!
  16. thank you so much. I love your as well!!!!
  17. ashley1316

    The Hard Rock Punta Cana

    Do you have any photos? Would love to see them.
  18. ashley1316

    Hard Rock Punta Cana Contest Winner ANNOUNCED!

  19. LOL tell me about it.Its an excuse lol. thanks for your nice comments. I am loving all your pics you posted in your thread.
  20. Ok so one more. lol I LOVED doing my trash the dress session.
  21. So hard to only pick a couple. Love this thread!
  22. Thank you for posting these. I'm like you and enjoy looking thru the pictures. Great shots.
  23. Thanks for all the nice comments!