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    My flowers!!!

    I think they'll look fine...don't worry
  2. I def will need to find someone to take a pic I'm keeping my TTD dress a surprise from the FI too. I want 2 surprised faces
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by nicitica I love this it looks like a very cool bottle label.
  4. I just got my TTD dress today from Light in the box. Now where it definitely dosn't look just like the dress I ordered. I like the dress and its well made and should look good for my TTD. One suggestion though I'm a bit big in the boobs so I ordered a size bigger figuring I would just take it in a bit ....NO TAKING IT IN NECESSARY... I might still need to loose 5 pounds to fit in it properly... even though they list the measurements I would order up its always easier to take it in.
  5. Check what your hotel supplies first when we did our site visit our hotel actually provided a bunch of stuff I had on our oot bag list like razors and nail files and aloe and Shampoo and conditioner of course.
  6. Jtswedding

    Would you rather game...

    smoke alarm would you rather watch football or golf all day?
  7. Jtswedding

    Would You Ever -- Game

    Yes and Love it!!!! Would you ever cook thanksgiving dinner for your whole family?
  8. Jtswedding

    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    DISLIKE!!!!! Target?
  9. Jtswedding

    Movie game

    Home for the holidays-Dylan McDermott
  10. Jtswedding

    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    dislike ebay?
  11. Jtswedding

    Movie game

    Quote: Originally Posted by Laura22610 Schindler's List : Liam Neeson liam Neeson-Les misérables
  12. Jtswedding

    Movie game

    Andy Garcia-When a Man Loves a Woman
  13. Jtswedding

    Movie game

    Meg Ryan-When a Man Loves a Woman
  14. Jtswedding

    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    Love ironing?