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  1. i know !!! i couldn't believe how she looked and she could even eat..
  2. jenv

    Calgary Brides!

    christinap- thanks and i will for sure ask them and let you know be back in calgary on the 22 so i will post then. mayanlily- i am actually bring my cousin from calgary.. he is really good and just did two back to back DW wedding if you are interested i can give you his info he does amazing photos. let me know i will be in town until sunday if not i will be back on the 22.
  3. jenv

    Calgary Brides!

    wow everyone has been busy on here!!! i've been working so much and am to tired when i am in the hotel to hook up my labtop. mel- your dresses is beautiful!!! so i'm going to do a site visit on sunday to the grand palladuim for a week..so excited to actually see what it looks like for myself and to be able to ask questions. christinap- so you think there is anything major i should ask them at the resort or anything since you've been planning that you are having a hard time with that i should ask? i have a tone of questions for them ..... hope your planning is going good!!! hope everyones week is going well!!!
  4. hey ladies , so i am going to visit the resort i am hoping to get married @ which is the grand palladium in the mayan on the 14th. just wondering what are so good questions to ask.. i have a list of them but i might be missing some so any qestion will be good. thank jen
  5. jenv

    Newbie saying hello =)

    congrats and welcome!!! you will really enjoy this forum!!!! happy planning!!!
  6. jenv


    congrats and welcome to the forum!!! happy planning!!!
  7. jenv

    Thank God I found this Site!!

    congrats and welcome!!! i know when i found this site i felt the same way and you did!!! it is so nice to have somewhere to chat with people in the same boat as you are!!! you will find tones of stuff on here!!!! happy planning!!!
  8. jenv

    Another newbie!

    congrats and welcome to the forum!!! happy planning!!
  9. kris - not sure if you wrote it down but where did you get those i love them!!! such a good idea!!
  10. thanks for all the ideas ladies.. i love dollerama... i always go there but i haven't been there in the last few months got to start stocking up.. i am going to forsure look for the flip flop luggage tags..
  11. jenv

    Calgary Brides!

    i do have to say about the tierone TA i have alot of girls that i work with using them and i am defianlty going with them after i do a site visit.. chritinap- i am going to the grand palladuim on the 14th to check it out!!! i am so excited. i think if all goes good when we get back i will be pick that one and talk to laurielee. oh yeah and my cousin mike says hi!!!
  12. jenv

    Just got engaged!

    congrats and welcome!!! happy planning!!
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    congrats and welcome!!!
  14. jenv


    congrats and welcome to the forum!!!! happy planning!!